My PM Dawn Photo Collection

PM Dawn Photo Collection
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Lisa & PM Dawn October 1998

Lisa & Prince Be Nov 2003

Check out these NEW PICTURES 11/2003 of Myself, Prince Be, & Coz!!!!

I had SUCH a blast at this, you have NO idea. It was awesome to say I got to hang out with Be (who gets to say they caught a ride & hung out with their favorite artist of all time), meet his super nice cuz Greg, and finally put a face to a name with Coz (the man with talents you just don't know!!)!!

It was great to hang out with you Be, like old friends. Greg-it was nice to meet you, your a super sweet guy! Coz, coz, coz-what can I say, you just ROCK! T-it was great to meet you, you truely are the Life of the party!!!! Lol, I even got my first Limo ride! Then To get to hang out with all these rappers, even got a pic with Dougie Fresh.

Now just keep in mind we had NO sleep at this point, and most of these were taken around 2-3AM!

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click on the pics for a larger image

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