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MECCG Playgroup
Richmond/Tri-City Area Playgroup intro
Welcome to the Richmond/Tri-Cities area MECCG Playgroup page. We are a small group of players that are trying to expand in numbers. There is no set time that we get together, but we have met and played at Richmond Comics, Midlothian and The Time Capsule, Chester. If we can generate enough interest, monthly gaming would be a real possiblity. We are having our first sanctioned event on June 13th, 1998 at Richmond Comixs. For more info please see the Upcoming Events link.

Here I hope to keep you informed about upcoming events and new releases of Middle Earth the CCG.

Check out the links to other MECCG sites below.
Interested? Want to Join?
Im always interested in new players wanting to learn MECCG. I would be more than glad to show you how Middle Earth CCG works. ICE has given me the MECCG Starter Set to Demo with, this is an easy to learn game with pre-built decks and sites already included.

Want to play? Interested in joining our small group of players? Please email me, would love to set up a time to play.

Would be glad to hear from you. There is no cost to join, just the love to play MECCG.

If you would like for me to hold a demo of MECCG at your local store please contact me. I have free booster and promo cards to hand out to all that praticipate in a demo.
Upcoming News!
Important News! Important News!

The Richmond/Tri-Cities area MECCG playgroup will be holding it second Middle Earth Event. This will be a constructed One deck Wizard only event. There is no cost for this event. Again this event will be held at Richmond Comixs and will start at 11:00 a.m.

If you are interested in playing please email A.S.A.P as space is limited for this event.

The next expansion for MECCG will be The Balrog. However the release of this expansion has been pushed back and I am not really sure when it will be released. There has been some discusion at ICE on the format of this release. It may either be released as a booster pack set or two Challenge Deck type format decks ($20 approx price for each). If released as a Challenge deck format, if you get both decks you will have gotten a complete set of cards.

I did manage to get a sneak peek at The Balrog cards and they look very good. Some very interesting cards will be included in this set.

After this release expect the release of The Dwarf Lords followed by the Elf Lords expansions. No release dates on these as well.

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