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Here are some of my favorite links for MECCG & Tolkien related material. I am also starting to include other gaming related pages for other games I am getting into along with other sites I find of interest as well. If you have a page that has to do with gaming/fantasy/Sci-Fi and want me to put a link here please email and give me the address, I would be glad to post a link to your page.

  • I.C.E.
  • The homeplace of MECCG. I.C.E. also makes alot of other games based on Tolkien, from board games to roleplaying.

  • Van Norton's Site
  • Van is now the officail Net Rep for MECCG.
    CRF 14 is now up on his site.

  • Mystical Games
  • Go here for a very interesting site. Jason has a player file here, Links, CRF, NetMeccg files, a calander of events and much more!
    Jason also now has the Carolina Cons Newsletter in Adobe format available on his site. As of issue three the newsletter will become an official ICE MECCG newsletter. Check it out!

  • Richmond Comix's Homepage
  • Our local store that supports our MECCG habit. Frank has a good supply of all MECCG products and may be persuaded to carry singles if he gets enough interest.
    Also one of the stores that I will be doing MECCG demo's at from time to time.

  • Chris Cables page
  • The place on the net for trading METW. Chris has an extensive Trading Center along with a neat Card Search Engine. Chris maintains a trader ref list along with a player's list. The player's list contains names and emails address's for players throughout the world. There is also a page for players of NetMetw as well.
    A must for all player/collector's

  • The Guild of Forochel
  • Here is a link to another playgroup located out in Montana.

  • Ichabod's Homepage (No longer the CRF site)
  • This is Ichabod's homepage. Here you will find the latest standing/info/signup for the NetMeccg league.

  • NetMeccg Homepage
  • Want to play METW over the net? Well go to this site and download the latest software. NetMetw allows you to play over the net or solo. There is also a deckbuilder to help you build decks without having the cards. Mike has recently released NetMeccg ver 1.4 to include the new Balrog cards and those unique German promo cards.

  • The Elf Lord's Page
  • The Elf Lord's page is full of usefull info on nasty tricks card combos and has a newsletter as well. Be sure to check him out.

  • Middle Earth Toys by Toy Vault
  • Go here to see the new line of collectable Middle Earth action figures. So far they have released Gandalf and the Balrog with more to follow.

  • The Prancing Pony Homepage
  • Want to talk Tolkien, submit poetry, drawings? Well stop by Tracy's place and ask for a cup of Narnin.

  • When You Know More Ezine
  • Go here for one of the original Meccg fan Ezine pages. Also the homeplace of the Chicago area players.

  • The Guild Companion Ezine
  • A Ezine devoted to products that I.C.E. puts out. Find articles on Meccg as well as Merp and many others.

  • Lord of the Rings Graphic Walkthrough
  • Check this page out! A must see. I believe there are some 90 different pages of story of LOTR with a picture of the story on that page.

  • Jenga's Homepage
  • Go to Jenga's page to see a listing of upcoming conventions throughout the U.S.

  • Legend of the Five Rings Homepage
  • The Legend of the Five Rings Official Homepage. I am currently getting into this game.

  • The Virginia Role Players Assoc.
  • The Local area Role Players organization. Stop by and check out what's going on in the area of gaming here.

  • The CCG Link Central
  • This site contains links to most of the major CCG's out there. Stop by and take a look.

  • The Top 100 CCG's Page
  • A site that list the current top CCG's and links to site's for those games. Take a look!