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Here I will list some of the upcoming MECCG events around the area.

MECCG Events in the VA area

Ice Breaker III, Apr 3rd 1999, in Charolettsville, VA (home of ICE)Two events planned.
Meccg Events planned:
10:00 a.m. Constructed Two deck, Minion Only
5:00 p.m. Mondo Hero Sealed deck, $7.50 gets you a UL starter, 2 UL METW, 2 Dragons and 2 Dark Minion packs. You can choose up to three extra sites of your own to use other than the sites you get in the packs.
There is a $5 addmission cost for the whole event. For more info please visit ICE's Website for more info.

PrezCon, February 25th - 28th, Charlottesville, VA @ the Double Tree Hotel.

Events planned:

Friday 6 p.m.: Sealed Deck, not sure of the cost

Saturday 10 a.m.: Qualifier, two deck general opponent. No cost that I'm aware of. (I.C.E.'s site has this scheduled for Sunday, but checking with Bob Mohney at IceBreaker 2, he said to go with the PrezCon Flyer which has it listed as a Saturday event.

there is a cost to get into PrezCon itself, since it is a big gaming convention. $30 for the whole weekend, I believe $25 for a two day pass; Thur/Fri or Sat/Sun and $18 for a one day pass.

Ice Breaker II, Jan 30th 1999, in Charolettsville, VA (home of ICE)Two events planned.
1st: 10:00 a.m., two deck general opponent
2nd: 6:00 p.m., Sealed Hero Deck ($5 cost for cards, bring your Hero site deck)
There is a $5 addmission cost for the whole event. For more info please visit ICE's Website for more info.

Latest Events planned

Our third Middle Earth event has been scheduled for Dec 5th1998 starting at 11:00 a.m, again being held at Richmond Comix (Thanks Frank for letting us use your store!). This event will be a Two deck General opponent format. Balrog cards may be legal depending on its release date. Click here if you need Directions.

On another note for Balrog, we may try and have a Balrog release party at Richmond Comix on the Saturday after it is released. There will be no sanctioned event, but rather a time to get together and have some fun. The Balrog is supposed to be released as a Challenge Deck format and should be ready to play out of the box. There are two different decks, and if you buy both decks you will have a complete set of Balrog. More info to come on this as well.

Past Events

Our second Middle Earth event went very well (Aug 22, 98). Another sanctioned event. The only bad thing was that some players could not make it at the last moment. However this looks good for future events, as there seems to be a growing interest. Thanks to Keywood Cheves who came down from Charlottesville to run the event for us.

Congrat are in order for the following people:
  • Thomas Hylton, First Place
  • Kenny Switzer (ME), Second Place
  • John Crowll, Third Place

  • Again, everyone won at least one game. Thanks to all that came out an played.

    I would like to thank all those who came out on Saturday June 13th for Richmond's first ever Sanctioned event. We had seven people play in this Challenge Deck format. Congrats go out to the following people:
  • Steve Brown, First Place
  • Kenneth Switzer (ME), Second Place
  • Adam Hoppe, Third Place

  • Congrats to all, as everyone won at least one game. Many thanks to Loys Johnson for coming down and holding the event for us. Also many thanks go out to Richmond Comixs for letting us use there store to play at.

    Here are some directions to Richmond Comix

    From either I-95 North or South, take the Chippenham Pkwy exit, not sure of the number, there will only be one exit from I-95

    Follow Chippenham Pkwy for about 7 miles until you get to the Midlothian exit. Take the second exit for Midlothian, go over the Bridge.

    Go to your 8th traffic light, get into the left lane. At the light make a left onto Gateway Centre Pkwy. Turn into the shopping center, you should see the Richmond Comix sign.

    8517 Midlothian Trnpk, Richmond, VA Phone #: (804)330-3460

    General Opponent

    You may play either any alignment you choose: hero, minion, or Fallen-Wizard (Balrog when tourny legal). You do not know the alignment of your opponent until he/she tells you at the start of the game. You may bring two decks of the same alignment to the tournament. One must be dedicated for play against minion opponents, and the other against hero opponents. Either deck may be used against a Fallen-Wizard. You may have cards which are used in both decks, but each deck must contain the same cards for each game it is used in.

    If your opponent declares he is a Fallen-Wizard, he must also declare which one he is. You may add ten predetermined cards to your sideboard against a Fallen-Wizard opponent. If you are playing with the Wizard corresponding to the Fallen-Wizard your opponent is playing, then you may replace those Wizard cards with an equal number of other Wizard character cards that you have available (these need not come from any deck). In any case, you may not play the Wizard corresponding to your opponent's Fallen-Wizard.

    One Deck Game

    A One deck game is where the first person who reaches 20 MP's (or time is called) can call the council to determine winner.

    Two Deck Game

    A Two deck game is where you must cycle through your play deck at least once before you can call council. You muste have at least 25 MP's to call council (or time is called). Once you deplete your play deck, you may swap out 5 cards from your play pile with cards in your sideboard. There is no restriction as to what kind of cards you can swap out, for example you may exchange a Hazard for a Resource.