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Welcome to Dolmant's Homepage

Dolmant's Homepage is always under construction, so please ignore the mess.

My goal for this page is to bring you information gaming in general, especially on the Middle Earth Collectable Card Game (MECCG)(soon to be known as LORECG), as well as other Sci-Fi/Fantasy pages I find of interest.

I also hope to organize/unite players throughout the area to help them find other players.

I will be posting upcoming information on the game as well as events that are happening around the Richmond/Tri-City area for Virginia. This is also the homepage for the Richmond/Tri-Cities playgroup.

I am a part time Crown's Guard and love to demo the game. So if you are interested in learning how to play or want to get together and play sometime please feel free to drop me an email at:

Below you will find (as I update them) links to other pages of information. Enjoy!

Richmond/Tri-Cities MECCG Playgroup

Follow this link to find out more about the Richmond/Tri-Cities MECCG Playgroup.


Here you will find links to other pages on the net that have news and resources on Tolkien/MECCG/Gaming/Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

Area Events

Take a look here to see what's happening in and around the VA area concerning MECCG.

Area Demo's

From time to time I will be holding Demo's of MECCG in the Richmong/Tri-Cities area stores. Look here to see what I have planned. If you would like to have a demo in your area please feel free to contact me on setting one up for you.

My Have/Want Lists

I am always looking for cards. I have a trade list posted to Chris Cables site, but I still have a few needs on fixed and common/uncommon cards (the list is small at the moment). I also have lots to offer, so if your looking for a certian card, ask me I may have it.


Some pictures (well will soon be) of some of my most loved possesions I have.

Go to the Richmond/Tri-Cities Area Message Board

My Story

Okay here is a portion of a story that has been going throuhg my head for the past few years. As I get time I will be adding to it. Okay rip me apart, I don't mind, if you like it let me know.

Okay here you go for the official, I think it is, Lord of the Rings Movie Website:

Thanks for stoping by and taking a look at my page. I hope to do more cleaning up on this page as well as my other pages in time. Always feel free to drop me comments via email at:

I am also in the NetMeccg League and my ICQ #'s (yes I have two) are: Home = 15233259 and Work = 15261918 (drop me aline during the day, I may be able to squeeze a game in late in the afternoon.) I have ver 1.3 and 1.4 of NetMeccg, let me know which one you are going to play with.

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