Brianna's Universe


Well met good traveler!  Welcome to the humble spot I call my abode on the web.  Feel free to browse around to learn about the sometimes funny, sometimes serious, sometimes outright insane universe that my friends and I live in.

Music files:

Brother's "Falling" Download here

Brother's "All I Know" Download here

Brother's "Shadowman" Download here

And for fun, what we like to call the "They are sooo Highlander fanboys" song--Brother's "Lose Your Head" Download here

Personal - Includes tidbits about my life, hobbies, interests, etc.  This is where I post my creative writing efforts, my photographic efforts, my adventures at Renaissance Faires, my experience with online groups and so on.

Professional - Pages dedicated to my various career pursuits (yes, I am doing more than one thing in that arena)--teaching college English, acting, fitness, etc.

Favorites - These are areas devoted to my favorite things, things I adore but have no active role in except as spectator.  Television shows, books, movies, anything that stirs my imagination you will find here.

Links - self-explanatory:  my favorite places on the Web, divided into neat little catagories for you to explore


All of the Celtic graphics/knot works on this page are courtesy of Karen Nicholas at Celtic Web Art