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Larry Ratliff

The only bright spot in the Graham game of 1970, was "a nifty 96 yard kickoff return by senior Larry Ratliff". It was to be the only score for the BLUES that night BUT still stands tall as one of the longest kickoff returns on the record books.

Michael Mabe

Michael Mabe in the fall of 2000 produced the highest average kickoff return yardage since statistics were kept at RHS. Sharp blocking by his teammates gave Mabe the room he needed for consistant returns throughout the year. On 11 returns, he averaged 30.72 yards per return with an 86 yard return against Graham as the centerpiece.

Johnny Reynolds

Johnny Reynolds was one of the finest running backs in BLUES history. He undoubtedly would hold a number of records today if statistics had been kept on a regular basis. HOWEVER, one record survived to shine through the years, a 95 yard punt return against Pocohontas during the 1940 season. The oldest record on this page was highlighted in the 1941 Annual as the keystone to a 32-13 BLUES victory.