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Music Video Guide Book


1. Buenos Amigos

Selena's first video. It's pretty basic. Selena and Alvarro Torres are filmed seprately, singing in front of orange back-drops and surrounded by an orchestra. Selena is wearing a shiny black dress in some scenes and in others she's wearing a black top with spandex pants and a hat.


2. La Carcacha

Filmed in Monterrey, Mexico. There's a lot of colorful footage taken throughout the city of people hanging out and doing stuff. That footage is edited together with footage of Selena and Los Dinos members. Selena and Los Dinos were filmed on a sound stage. Los Dinos all wear matching black and red outfits and play their instruments in front of a shiny backdrop, while Selena, (wearing a black and red jumpsuit with tall boots) dances around and sings in front of them. There's other scenes where Selena is dancing and singing by herself.


3. Dondequiera Que Estes

Filmed in New York City. Selena and the Barrio Boyz all wear leather outfits. In a lot of scenes they're shown doing hip-hop and urban dance routines in the middle of an urban setting. There's other scenes where Selena is by herself standing on a sidewalk and laying down on some stone steps. There are scenes where Selena is shown on a sidewalk singing, dancing and singing in front of a wall and dancing with just one barrio boy. Then there are scenes where they show individual members of the barrio boyz dancing and singing by themselves, dancing and singing together without Selena and dancing and singing with Selena. The video really showcases Selena's talents as a dancer.

4. La Llamada

Filmed at a beach house in Long Beach, California. Selena and Los Dinos members appear to be at some sort of party with a lot of other people. Los Dinos are playing their instruments in one corner while the other people dance around. Selena dances and sings in the middle of them all. Then there are other scenes where Selena is dancing and singing by herself in front of a purple satin curtain. In the party scenes Selena is wearing black denim and in the curtain scenes she's wearing a lacy black dress and lots of black neclaces.


5.Amor Prohibido

Filmed at the Joshua Tree monument in Southern California. Selena is filmed in several different outfits. In some scenes she's wearing a white blouse with blue jeans and she's dancing around and singing in the middle of the desert and in other scenes while wearing the same outfit, she dances around and sings with a chair. Then there's scenes where she's wearing a white blouse, leather vest and blue jeans and walking, dancing, singing and climbing on some boulders. There's other scenes where she's wearing a leather vest, bustier and black jeans while dancing around and singing in front of a prop window in the middle of the desert, dancing and singing with some guy and just singing with the guy. Then there's scenes where she's wearing a red satin blouse and black jeans while dancing and singing in front of the prop window and dancing and singing with some guy. Then there's other scenes where she's dancing and singing in front a back-drop and props. The video is nicely filmed and you get a good view of mountains in the background.

6.Bidi Bidi Bom Bom

Filmed in California. Selena(wearing a white top, blue skirt and jean vest) is shown dancing around and singing on a boardwalk with lots of other people. Then there's scenes(she wears that same outfit without the vest) where Selena is shown dancing and singing by herself on the boardwalk in front of a railing, going up stairs on the boardwalk, walking along the boardwalk and dancing on the stairs with other people. Then there's scenes with Selena(in a white top, jean vest and big red skirt) dancing and singing on the boardwalk with a lot of other people and singing and dancing on a boardwalk balcony thing. The whole time you can see pretty blue water in the background(probably the ocean). There's other scenes where Selena(wearing a black dress and white top) is driving a green jeep through the city, apparently chasing after some blonde guy in a convertable. They end up hanging out and playing games together at a carnival. Overall this is my favorite Selena video.

7. No Me Queda Mas

Filmed in San Antonio, Texas over 4 days. The only Selena video that has a plot. The storyline: A girl gets dumped and while singing a song in a cathedral she starts flashing back to all the good times they had together. Then while passing through a park or something she notices a wedding going on a finds out that it's her ex-boyfriend getting married. Most of the scenes show Selena standing at the bottom of the stairs in a cathedral, wearing the white gown she wore at the 94 Grammys. Way at the top of the stairs you can see Los Dinos playing and Selena is surrounded by an orchestra. There are other scenes where Selena is wearing a sparklu dress and singing with a white rose. There are scenes where Selena is at a table reading a letter that the guy sent her. In the wedding shots, Selena is wearing a lacy white dress. In the scenes where she's with the guy, they show her at an amusement park in overalls riding a carousel and a scrambler and a sky lift. There's also a scenes where they ride horses, walk around in a park and do a toast.


8.Techno Cumbia

Very colorful and cool video. Lots of scenes show Selena in a black dress dancing and singing in front of the colorful backgrounds. There's also lots of concert footage in the background and other dancers are edited into the concerts. The concert footage includes Selena singing 'Techno Cumbia' at her 95 Astrodome concert.

9.Fotos Y Recuerdos

One of the posthumus videos. This is a moving collage of Selena footage. The show clips from all her over music videos and some behind the scenes footage.

10.I Could Fall In Love

Another collage video. The first Selena video to get aired on MTV and VH-1. This one not only has music video clips, but concert footage, behind the scenes stuff, pictures, and awards show footage.

11.Dreaming Of You

Selena isn't even in this video. Except for the 'I Could Fall In Love' video playing on a TV and a Sel poster on a bedroom wall. This video has an actress. It starts off with the sun setting and a moon coming up. Then a DJ on the radio announces Selena's song and it's starts playing with the plot of the video. This girl is planning on running away with her boyfriend and while packing her suitcase she hears 'Dreaming Of You' on the radio and starts dreaming about the guy she's gonna run away with.

Then she goes downstairs and kisses her dad goodbye then she goes back upstairs and sits by the window to wait for the guy. While waiting she starts dreaming again. This time she dreams that she and the guy have just gotten married and are dancing together in the attic of the house across the street.

Then the guy shows up for real and she throws her suitcase at him, climbs down a ladder and they jump into his car and drive off. As they drive away you can see that the sun is rising and the nights over. Then the DJ says more stuff about Selena.

12.I'm Getting Used To You

I've never seen this vieo so I can't review it.

13.Tu Solo Tu

A very beautiful collage video. Shows footage from Selena's music videos and some pictures and edits the footage into sort of a story book.


14.Siempre Hace Frio

Shows a lot of flowers and mariachi bands playing. This is edited into footage of Selena perfroming at different ages.

15.No Quiero Saber

More collages. Shows footage of Selena perfroming on stage, in music videos, and in coke commercials.


16. Disco Medley

Shows footage of Sel singing the song live during her 1995 Astrodome concet. That's edited with clips of Selena music videos and other concerts. Also, movie clips are edited in.

17.A Boy Like That

I haven't seen this video so I can't comment.

18.Missing My Baby

A carbon copy of 'I Could Fall In Love' with just a little bit of new footage.