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Selena's Favorite Links?

Ever wonder what Selena's favorite sites would be if she had internet access today? Using the info I know about her interests, I searched the net and found sites I think she might've enjoyed or frequented.

Janet Jackson - Another one of Selena's favorite singers and a huge musical inspiration for her

Bonnie Raitt - Selena was a huge fan of this legendary artist

Emilio - Popular Tejano star who was very good friends with Selena. Also, her duet partner on the hit "Tu Robaste Mi Corazon"

A Guide To Acapulco - Mexico city that Selena and her family vacationed in, home to Festival Acapulco where Selena rocked two years in a row.

Brandloland - Marlon Brando, another actor Selena admired. Her "Don Juan De Marco" co-star.

Andy Garcia Fan Club - An popular Cuban-American actor that Selena loved. She was dissapointed about not getting to meet him at the Grammy awards.

Jehova Witnesses: Watchtower Society Official - Selena's religious faith

Corpus - All kinds of info on Selena's home city

70's Dance Music - Selena loved disco and this site contains audio, lyrics and midis for the songs she sang in her disco medley and many of the songs that she enjoyed to listen to.

Donna Summer Inernet Zone - One of Selena's favorite singers, and originator of two songs from Selena's Astrodome disco medley

Samson The Mastiff - Selena's dogs Winny and Taylor were mastiffs

Dobie World - Selena's dogs Julio and Andre were miniature dobermans

Coke - Selena's favorite drink and the product she endorsed for many years

Moonlighting On The Web - Sel's favorite tv show as a teenager

Pizza Hut - 1 of Sel's fav restaurants

What-a-burger - Her favorite fast food hamburger

Porsche Official - Her infamous car

Arnold's Place - A site dedicated to a puppy just like Sel's dog Pebbles

Olive Garden - Her other fav restaurant

Faberge Egg Collection - Her infamous hobby

Glorida Estefan Online - An artist Sel admired and was constantly compared to

Corpus Christi Ice Rays - Hockey team from Selena's hometown