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August 21, 2000

I've finally gotten to update this site. It needed a major overhaul. I'm sorry for being away so long but I've been extremely busy and this site wasn't a priority anymore since I figured I'd done as much as I could with it and that there was nothing new to update with. However, I'm back to straighten a few things out and update. Any e-mail regarding this site can be sent to, e-mail sent to any other address will not be recieved by me. If you have any suggestions and ideas for this site then please send them my way.

Not so new

The Legend - Bio from Houston Chronicle

Fact File - Lots of rare and cool facts

Fotos Y Recuerdos - My favorite pictures

Puzzlemaker - Create fun Selena puzzles, print, and solve

Last Dance - Stuff on '95 Astrodome concert

Selena Quotes - Great quotes from Selena herself

Awesome Movie Quotes - Quotes from the movie

Bloopers In 'Selena' - Faults, errors, and inaccuracies

The Music Video Guide - Reviews of all her videos

Selena Merchandise - Everything from stickers to magnets to calendars.

Galavision Review - Summary and Details

Selena's Favorite Sites? - Where would Sel surf to?

The FAQ - My Responses

Selena Top Ten Lists - Some good stuff here

Favorite Things About Selena - Why I'm a fan

Favorite Latin Artists - Download music and buy cds

Desktop Wallpaper Shop - Decorate with Selena

Links - Other Selena and Latino Sites

The Guestbook

My Awards

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