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Caller Times has an awesome Selena tribute in honor of her 5th anniversary. It features the latest information on the "Selena Forever" musical, Chris Perez, the Quintanilla family, and more. You can check it out here. The caller times also features several new articles relating to the anniversary.

Producers of the Selena Forever musical are talking with EMI Latin about releasing an original cast album for the production.

As with every new release, Selena has returned to Billboard. Her latest success is with All My Hits: Volume 2 which is currently number 3 on the Latin Top 50 Albums chart. The original All My Hits is number 24. Go Sel.

Almost a year after it's release, AB's debut cd Amor, Familia y Respeto still remains in the Latin Top 50. This week it placed 8th.

All My Hits Volume 2 has arrived. It features re-mixes and previously unreleased live tracks as well as songs from Selena's early albums that are no longer in print and can't be found anywhere else. The cd also comes with a Selena locket.

The stage production "Selena Forever" has made it's debut in San Antonio. The show opened March 21 and then began a nation wide tour. A list of tour dates and general information on the cast can be found here.