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Selena Movie Quotes

I typed these quotes up from memory because they're my favorite so DO NOT STEAL THEM FOR YOUR SITE. GO GET YOUR OWN AND LEAVE MY STUFF ALONE.

Marcela: "You go girl."

Abraham: "We're starting a band."

Marcela: "Who's starting a band?"

Abraham: "You, me, the kids. Rock and roll, heh heh."

Selena: "We wanna play stuff that's cool. Stuff that's happening."

Abraham: "Show me what's happening."

(kids play loud and Selena headbangs)

Abraham: "That's too cool for me, play 'Blue Moon'."

Selena: "Dad what's this all about?"

Abraham: "This is about learning how to sing in spanish."

Selena: "Dad I don't wanna sing in spanish, I don't even like music in spanish. I like Donna Summer. That's what I like."

Abraham: "I'm an American, you're an America. I like doo-wop, you like Donna Summer. But you're also Mexican, deep down inside and that's a wonderful thing. You can't be anything if you don't know who you are."

Selena: "So what you're saying is I have to learn how to sing this stuff."

Abraham: "Mmmhmmm, remember clock don't mark the hours because I'm going nuts."

AB: "They weren't dancing because we don't have good material."

Abraham: "Look if you wanna write the songs then be my guest."

Abraham: "You gotta be who you are. You can't change it."

Selena: "I'm looking up at the moon and I'm dreaming."

Suzette: "About?"

Selena: "Well let's just say you wouldn't imagine what my dreams are like, I mean when I was on that stage...come on Suzie how did you feel?"

Suzette: "I've never seen so many people smile before. It was so cool."

Selena: "It was. It's like...when I'm on stage...I can be anything I wanna be."

Abraham: "If we try hard and we really want it, we can do it. You guys are gonna be huge. You're gonna record records and you're gonna play everywhere. You're even gonna play Disney World."

Selena: "Disney World? You really think we'll make it there?"

Abraham: "I know we will."

Abraham: "Do the washing machine!"

Abraham: Juan Luis this is not what we discussed.

Juan Luis: Lo siento hermano, pero that's the way it is.

AB: "When are we getting a real road crew? Thats what I wanna know"

Selena: "I think dad is perfectly happy with the road crew he has and I do mean you"

AB: "Yeah cause it's free."

AB: "So much for MY bustier."

Selena: "You're scaring the cars away. Stand back dude, let the master work."

Suzette: "Show em Sel."

AB: "Looks like we're gonna have to call dad."

Selena: "(imitating gruff voice)I can't believe this son, what were you thinking?"

Abraham: "I can't believe this son what were you thinking? What? Who's that laughing, is that Selena? Where are you?"

AB: "It's like he was happy to have his bumper torn off by our bus. Or by Salenas's bus.

Band Members: "Oh Salenas!"

Selena: "Quit it."

Suzette: "What, you're it girl."

Selena: "What planet did he come from??"

Suzette: "Planet dumptruck."

Selena: "So tell me, how did you get to be such a great guitar player cause let me tell you we have never had a player like you in the group before. Did you start when you were young...I'm serious, you know you're bad.

Chris: "It started when I was in junior high, it was the rebel thing. My parents, they wanted me to become all educated and be a doctor and naturally I wanted to be a rock 'n roller."

Chris: "You gonna eat that all by yourself?"

Selena: "Yes. Watch me. I can eat whole medium pizzas all by myself. I love pizza."

Chris: "I can see that."

Selena: "It cracks me up when people ask me my diet and exercise secrets. Like, Selena how do you keep that trip figure every girl wants to konw. Well I eat whole medium pizzas all by myself with lots of pepperoni thats important and I drink coke, scarf doritos and never exercise."

Chris: "You're too much man."

Selena: "Dude what are you doing?"

Chris: "Hot sauce."

Selena: "That is enough."

Chris: "They can't make food hot enough for me."

Selena: "Oh you are gonna be sorry."

Selena: "I've never seen you dance. Do you dance?"

Chris: "Oh yeah I dance. I put on white shoes and black jacket and dance like John Travolta."

Abraham: "We've gotta be more Mexican than the Mexicans and more American than the Americans both at the same time. It's exhausting!."

Selena: "You dont even know when to except something great even when it's staring you in the face. I may not be street wise and all that, but at least I know not to be that dumb."

Selena: "Pues me siento muy orgulloso para estar aqui con todos ustedes y me siento siento muy...excited!"

Chris: "I know why they all love you so much.

Selena: "Oh yeah why?"

Chris: "Because I love you too. I mean it, you're the best friend I've ever had. I can talk to you about anything and you always understand. When I was 5 years old and my parents split up...not a day has gone by that I haven't forgotten the feeling I had when I knew my father wasn't coming back. Until I met you. I dont feel like that anymore. I love you."

Selena: "I dont care what you say. It doesn't matter. I love him and he loves me too.

Abraham: "Of course he does, you're young you're beautiful and you're rich."

Selena: "You know you would say that. It's not like that. He cares about me. The real me inside, and there's no way I'm gonna let you take that away."

Chris: "We're not gonna stop seeing each other."

Abraham: "Now you listen to me. You think that I'm gonna let you come in here and mess up my family...ruin everything we've worked for, you're wrong."

Chris: "I don't wanna ruin anything. I love Selena and we wanna get married."

Selena: "That's right dad, we wanna get married."

Abraham: "That's it. You're fired. You can ride back to Corpus with us but after that you're gone."

Chris: "That's okay I can make my own way."

Selena: "You can not do this Dad."

Abraham: "Now you listen to me. You all listen. If you follow that man, I will disband the group. There will be no more Selena Y Los Dinos, do you understand me? It's over."

Selena: "I can't even go into a burger joint with you, without worrying about somebody seeing us and it getting back to Dad."

Selena: "How bout that?"

Some guy: "Yeah right Selena, you're full of it."

Another guy: "Yeah you wouldn't do that Sel, no way."

Selena: "Dare me."

Guy: "I double dare you."

Suzette: "Selena what are you doing?"

Selena: "Shouldn't have dared me."

Chris: "Married?! That's crazy."

Selena: "You dont wanna marry me?"

Chris: "Of course I wanna marry you, but the right way."

Selena: "Whats the right way?!"

Chris: "You know with you wearing a beautiful white dress and you're friends in all those..other color dresses..."

Selena: "Bridesmaids, Chris."

Selena: "Don't go to Corpus go the other way!"

Chris: "Where we gonna go, Alaska?"

Selena: "For the first time in my life I feel like I'm free. Like I could fly if I wanted to. Like I am flying."

Selena: "From now on everybody who works for me gets a predicure once a week. Thats the rule."

Selena: "Dude you know Andy Garcia's gonna be there. I'm bringing my camera you know that."

Selena: "Look at this. Every bridesmaid's nightmare."

Annie: "Where am I gonna get the boobs for that?"

Selena: "True."

Selena: "It's very Minnie Pearl!"

Selena: "It better fit girl."

Annie: "It's too tight."

Selena: "It's not...suck it in!"

Annie: "I'm trying!"

Selena: "We're just gonna have to get you a gurdle."

Selena: "Excuse me miss, we don't need the dress."

Suzette: "If anybody else walks away with that Grammy, we'll kick their butts."

Reporter: "Chris, how's married life?"

Chris: "Pretty good."

Selena: "He better say that!"

Selena: "I bet they're gonna wonder how I learned english so fast."

Abraham: "No female has ever made it and now you're number one. You cracked the Tejano market wide open. You walked into Mexico and they don't even accept Mexican-Americans and they love you, and now...

Selena: "And now...gringos. Disney World!"

Abraham: "You remember?"

Selena: "Uh huh."

Abraham: "For centuries people have been trying to break those barriers and you went through them like the didn't exist. Maybe for you they don't exist. I love you, and I'm very proud of you."

Selena: "Know what?"

Chris: "What?"

Selena: "I want a farm."

Chris: "A farm??"

Selena: "Yeah, but not a big one. About 10 acres or so.

Chris: "You want me gettin up early in the morning riding around on a tractor?"

Selena: "Yeah and I wanna see you feeding the pigs!"

Chris: "Oh feedin the pigs I dont think so."

Selena: "I've been thinking about the crossover album a lot. I've even had dreams about it. It's just this whole other world for us. I guess I'm a little scared. We've been working for this since we were kids. Are they gonna love me momma??

Marcela: "Yes m'ija. They're gonna love you."