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Selena Shopping Central

Ever wonder where you could find that cd you were looking for or that cool Selena t-shirt? Well wonder no more. Here, you'll find where you can get:






Other Items

Has now joined forces with music boulevard. It's the perfect place for listening to Selena real audios and mp3s. Also for odering her cds, tapes, and videos. Has fast delivery, reliable service, frequent sales, and low prices. Now carries Chris, Jen, and AB's albums. Also has one of the largest collections of latino artists on the net.

Every Selena fan has probably been here at least once. In addition to the 1999 Selena calendar they carry overpriced t-shirts, accessories, jackets, mugs, dolls, perfumes, posters, hats, and other memorabilia. The site also has a chat board for fans.

Order all 3 Selena porcelin dolls and the new Amor Prohibido Selena barbie.

Order all of the Selena books you want for really low prices.

Bid on rare Selena items.