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My Review Of The Galavision Tribute

On March 31, 1999 the Spanish channel Galavision devoted 4 hours to Selena TV appearances from the early 90s. I don't have Galavision but an extremely nice person got me a copy of the tape. I'll give you a review of each of the shows.

En Vivo, November 1994

Show Description:

Weekly Mexican concert program with live studio audience and a very ugly set.

Selena's Hair: curly and pulled straight back.

Outift: She's wearing a little black leather jacket over a black see-through top over a black bustier with tight black jeans and black high heeled boots.

Show Run-Down: It's basically just a concert with an interview segment at the end.

Interview segment: The 2 hosts interview her. She talks about how she feels being in Mexico and being reunited with her roots then she talks about her future plans and says the next project is an album completely in English. Then the host brings out 'Amor Prohibido' and says that on a list of the top 200 biggest selling American artists of the year Selena is one of the only 2 latinos that made the list. Then they talk about the style of the english album and Selena says she's really scared about not being accepted by a pop audience. Selena also talks about what cities the band is heading to next. Then they let the audience request the final song and somebody says 'Cobarde' and Selena laughs and says "Why? You want Cobarde? Oh I hope not". They finally decide to close with 'La Carcacha'.

Play List:

Amor Prohibido/Bidi Bidi Bom Bom

Como La Flor

Baila Esta Cumbia

Si Una Vez

Techno Cumbia/Fotos Y Recuerdos

La Carcacha

Furia Musical, Spring 1993

Show Description: Concert show filmed in Mexico. Hosted by Vero Castro, famed Mexican host. Filmed in a studio with a live audience but it has more of a concert setting. It's done in 1993. In the front part of the crowd everybody is standing but the back of the crowd is reserved for dancing.

Selena's Hair: Long and straight with bangs.

Outfit: She's in a black bra, black spandex bell-bottoms with gold buttons and fringe on the sides, shiny gold chain belt, black boots, gold bracelet and dangly pearl earrings.

Show Run-Down: Concert. The front half of the crowd stands there while the back tejano dances. They have several interview segments.

Interviews: They did an interview on stage right after a song. Vero came out to talk with Selena and they said some stuff about Suzette. Then Selena talked about her boutiques. She said she had a gift for Vero, the first design from her store. AB brought out the present. It was a cute little outfit with a top and ruffly skirt. Selena talked about the locations of her stores and when the first opens. Vero asked Selena to demonstrate "a little step" from her dance moves and she brought a guy from the crowd up to 2 step with her. She said people think Tejano dancing is like country dancing but it's very suave and tranquil. She also talked a little about her record lable and said Luis Miguel was a lablemate. After that they did a little segment in which they showed fragments of the 'La Carcacha' video and concert footage from an outdoor venue and they mixed this with an interview with Selena on her bus.

She says the bus is where she spends most of her life and that her favorite place on the bus is her bed and bathroom and they show her watching tv, hiding in her closet and putting something in the microwave. The next interview is with Selena and Vero sitting in arm chairs on another part of the stage. Selena talks some more about her bus or as she calls it 'the house on wheels'. Vero asks if it's weird being on the bus and Sel says it's easy because her family and friends are with her. She talks about her boutiques and how she always has to stay busy. She talks about her pets and designs. She also talks about how she always has to be doing something. She says she always has to be learning things and says some stuff about college.

Play List:

La Carcacha

No Debes Jugar


Como La Flor

La Llamada

Siempre Estoy Pensando En Ti

Las Cadenas

Baila Esta Cumbia

La Carcacha/Como La Flor encore

Festival Acapulco, May 1993 and 1994

Show Description: Week long music festival held in Acapulco that features the most popular latino acts. They perfom outside on a stage set up on the beach with thousands of fans in the heat with a hose spraying water on them. Selena performed at the festival in 1993 and 1994. For the 93 show, The host has a perm and a neon dress.

Selena's Hair, 1993: Pull straight back into a pony tail.

Selena's Hair, 1994: Long and Straight, parted on the side.

Outfit, 1993: Same black pants from Furia Musical with a red sequin bustier.

Outift, 1994: Skin tight white t-shirt, short black skort with black leather on front, black tights, black cowboy boots, big hoop earrings.

Show Run-Down, 1993: They pretend to play over the pre-recorded tracks and Selena half lipsyncs and half sings over the pre-recorded voice.

Show Run-Down, 1994: They let anybody from the crowd come on stage and dance with Selena or kiss her on the cheek. It's really cool.

Play List


Como La Flor

La Carcacha


Amor Prohibido

Como La Flor

La Carcacha

Y Vero America Va, 1993

Show Description: Concert show with live studio audience, filmed in Mexico hosted by Vero Castro. Los Dinos came on in 1993 twice.

1st Appearance Hair:

Curly and shoulder length, parted on side with grown out bangs.

2nd Appearance Hair:

Curly and shoulder length with black cap that has rhinetones sewed on the brim.

1st Appearance Outfit: Fringed leopard skin bustier with black spandex pants, leopard skin ankle boots, exactly like the 'Live' cd cover.

2nd appearance Outfit: Strapless black leather bustier covered in rhinestones, black spandex pants and black cap with rhinestones all over the top of the brim.

Show Run-Down: They play two songs and then the whole band does an interview with Vero. Then on the 2nd appearance they play two songs. On the 1st song, Selena gets the crowd members to sing and on the 2nd song she dances with Vero.

Play List

Siempre Estoy Pensando En Ti


Como La Flor

La Carcacha

En Persona

A 1 hour interview special. Abraham gives an in depth interview in english. He talks about his childhood, his family, his marriage, his hobbies, his children, and he shares a lot of cool memories of Selena. He talks about how she treated everybody equally and would give the all her attention to anybody. He tells the real story behind 'No Me Queda Mas'. Ricky Vela wrote it about Suzette. He had a secret crush on her and when she got married he was heartbroken. They show clips from all her videos and they show a lot of concert footage and rare pictures. They also show footage of Abraham's newest artists. Then they also have indepth interviews with Suzette, AB, and record execs. The narrator switches back and forth between english and spanish.

They also show some footage of the Selena museum and they show behind the scenes of Chris's new music video. Suzette talks about their Grammy experience. She said that during a commercial break Salt N Peppa walked in and she yelled out 'Hey look Salt N Peppa' really loud and everybody stared at them and Selena sank in her seat with embarassment. She also said that what she missed most about Selena was the long conversations that had at night on the bus. AB talked about his songwriting and the music and his new group. They showed some footage of them playing live. It was a very good special, way better than the VH-1 stuff.