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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What music do you like other than Selena?

A. I love so many different styles. As far as Latin music goes, my favorite artists are Chris Perez Band, Kumbia Kings, Fey, Thalia, Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Barrio Boyzz, Jennifer Pena, and Selena, but my favorite kind of music is metal, hardcore, punk, gothic, industrial and anything heavy. I also like classic rock, 80's music, new wave, disco, and pretty much anything that sounds good to me. I've never been able to stick with one style. I figure if there's so much great music of all kinds then why limit yourself to just one category? That's so boring so I like to explore and constantly look for new sounds.

Q. Where do you get all the news from?

A. Net research. I surf around a lot to different sources such as message boards, chats,,, that kind of thing.

Q. Does Selena get a lot of airplay on radio stations where you live?

A. No, not at all and it sucks. About a year ago we had an easy listening station that played 'I Could Fall In Love' every now and then and I think I heard 'Dreaming Of You' on there once, but now they play no Selena at all. Then there's a top 40 station that used to play 'I Could Fall In Love' every 5 months but they stopped and I heard an remix of the disco medley on there once about 2 years ago and just recently. That's it. I also heard a remix of the disco medley at a Taco Bell last year.

Q. How many Selena albums do you have and which ones?

A. I've got about 10 I think. I've got Anthology, the soundtrack, Siempre Selena, Dreaming Of You, 12 Super Exitos, Amor Prohibido, 17 Super Exitos, Live, Entre A Mi Mundo, and Ven Conmigo.

Q. Do you know any Spanish?

A. Yeah I know quite a lot and it's all thanks to Selena. When I first became a Selena fan, I was in my 2nd year of spanish at school and I HATED it. I barley made D's. But then Selena showed me what a great language and culture it was and I realized that learning how to speak spanish could open so many doors not only to the latin music and entertainment industry but to the latin world in general. She inspired me to study. I'm now almost done with my 4th and final year of Spanish at school.

Q. Which Selena cd is your favorite?

A. I'm not sure. They're all so good. Each one has a special meaning. Like the soundtrack was the first Selena cd I ever bought so I'm partial to it in that way. Then Dreaming Of You was the first spanish music I ever really heard and it's the album that inspired me to learn spanish. But overall, I'd say Dreaming Of You is my favorite. Amor Prohibido and Live tie as 2nd favorite.

A. What's your favorite Selena song?

Q. Check this out.

A. When did you become a Selena fan?

Q. I saw the movie in 1997 and became a fan but I didn't become a HUGE fan until I read the book 'Como La Flor' by Joe Nick Patoski. That lead me buy all of her cds, video, and etc.

A. What merchandise do you have?

Q. I've got those 10 cds, Selena Remembered home video, Galavision Tribute Special video, Selena movie, 2 coffee mugs, 1999 calendar, 2 posters, Astrodome doll, 'Como La Flor' and 'Phenomonal Life and Tragic Death Of Tejano Superstar' books, and I'm hoping to get more soon.