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Bloopers From The Movie

These aren't all bloopers, some are just little things that don't match up with actual events. Whether they were meant to match up or not isn't known but these innaccuracies will be highlighted.

After she is shot, they show a close up of Selena's hand and her nails are clear. In real life when she died her nails were painted bright red.

In a lot of the onstage performances including the carnival and Mexico, Jennifer is doing dance moves different than Selena did in the actual concerts.

When Selena is asking her friend to go to the Grammys she says the show is being held in LA. The Grammy awards Selena attended was in New York.

During the fashion show they have Selena modeling two dresses. I'm pretty sure that Selena only modeled one dress at her real fashion show. The red dress Jennifer Lopez is modeling is a replica of the dress Selena wore to sing "Ya Ves" at the 1990 Tejano Music Awards so it's probably not possible for her to have worn it 4 years later for a fashion show of her own new designs.

When Selena is walking up to accept the Grammy they play "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom". In real life, they played "No Debes Jugar". Also she won the Grammy for "Live" and "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" wasn't even on that album so how could they have played it during her Grammy walk?

During her first Mexican press conference, Selena is wearing the outfit from the Amor Prohibido album cover. You can see the outfit on the album cover picture on the wall of the boutiqe and on the backstage passes at the Astrodome concert later on. It's possible that she could've saved the outfit for 2 years and decided to use it on her album cover but not likely.

During the part where AB gets the bus stuck in a ditch, there's an error with consistency. When they drive away to get gas and during the times they're stranded in the middle of nowhere and hitching a ride to the nearest phone, it's daytime. When AB calls Abraham to tell him they got stuck, he and Marcella are already in bed asleep.

When Selena and Chris are eating the pizza, Selena's glass has 3 straws in it and Chris's only has 1 straw.

In the film they show Selena and Chris getting eloped right after Selena went bungee jumping. In real life, Selena didn't go bungee jumping until 1993, a year after she and Chris married. Also, in the movie after the elopement they show Selena wearing a white shirt. In real life she wore a Coca Cola jacket.

In the carnival concert scene, it says 1989 and they're performing "Baila Esta Cumbia". That song wasn't released until 1990. Some say she could've sang the song to test it on the crowd but look at the people's reaction. They obviously know the song.

In the opening Astrodome scene, you can see the carriage being driven by a young guy. In the real Astrodome concert, Selena's carriage was driven by an older man with white hair.

When Selena is cutting the grass and Chris pulls up in the truck, Selena asks him what he got. You hear him say 'junk food' but if you look at his mouth he's saying something different.

In the Astrodome scenes, they show Pete Astudillo on stage singing with the band. This is inaccurate. In real life, Pete left Los Dinos for a solo career in 94 so he was never anywhere near the Astrodome concert.

Also in the Astrodome scenes, they show Suzette playing drums. At the real Astrodome concert, Suzette wasn't there. They had a guy drummer in her place.

At the end when Selena gets shot and is being taken to the hospital, they show her wearing jeans and a purple shirt. In real life, Selena wore a green sweatsuit the day she died.

Selena's real Grammy acceptance speech wasn't as emotional or as detailed as the one in the movie. In real life, she never mentioned Chris or the fans.

The hotel trashing is supposedly fictional. In real life, Chris was almost fired for being arrested. He was driving drunk and evaded arrest. After paying his fines, he had to face Selena and Abraham.

Chris and Selena didn't meet at the Quintailla home. They met when Chris was playing at a gig.

In the final Astrodome scene they make it look like 'Si Una Vez' was the last song of the show. At the real concert, 'Como La Flor' was the last song.

They show Selena singing 'Bidi Bidi Bom Bom' and 'No Me Queda Mas' in concert before they show the Grammy scene. This is inaccuarate because in real life, Selena won her Grammy a month before the 'Amor Prohibido' album was released and several months before 'Bidi Bidi Bom Bom' and 'No Me Queda Mas' were released. YES it's possible she could've sang the songs before their release but why would she sing two unreleased test songs back to back instead of singing one of her current hits like she does in so much of the concert footage? What gives it away is how the crowd knows the words to 'Bidi Bidi Bom Bom'. If it was unreleased, how'd they know the words?

In an attempt to make her father let her wear bustiers, Selena claims that Janet Jackson wears them too. However, Janet Jackson never wore bustiers until the mid-90's and the scene takes place in 1989.

In the movie Yolanda gives Selena the cursed egg ring when they're at the boutique alone together. In real life, Yolanda took Selena to the jewelry store and presented it to her in the presence of the jeweler, where it was then re-sized.

During the shooting scenes, they show a motel with green doors. The motel Selena died at had red doors.

When young Selena and Suzette are on the roof looking at the moon, they show them from a distance and you can see that it's still daytime. Close ups on the "moon" show that it's supposed to be night.

In her dream, Selena was singing 'Dreaming Of You' the night after the Astrodome concert. She recorded the song almost a month after the concert so it would be impossible for her to dream about singing it. Well I guess it's possible that she'd been listening to it a lot to prepare for the recording and dreamed of it being a hit single. Who knows.

The Grammy dress used in the movie looks a lot different than the real one.

During the disco medley at the Astrodome they show Selena take off her jacket right before singing 'Last Dance'. At the real Astrodome concert, she didn't take the jacket off until after the disco medley.