What Does The Bible Say?

There is only one Bible, right? So why are there so many different beliefs? This Church over here, using the Bible for their justification, believes thus or so. While that Church over there, using the same Bible, believes something different (and usually quite opposite).

What Does The Bible Say? is an on line Bible study dedicated to exploring this question. Though you may object to some of my views and opinions, what I write on this site is my own ideas of what is actually said in the Bible. I hope to take a different doctrine each study and see What Does The Bible Say?

Each of these topics uses the New International Version Bible unless otherwise stated, and is my own ideas of what the Bible says on each topic. If you would like to comment on any thing you have read here, please feel free to write me.

But first a little about myself. My name is Mike Owens. I was born in 1951 and have been a Christian since March 10, 1974. I have seriously studied the Bible for all of that time, and for several years prior.
I am familiar with Hebrew and Greek text (I can read, write and speak Hebrew and have a working understanding of Greek).

Now if you are ready to begin the journey...


What Does The Bible Say?

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