Hey I'm Zantalaylia...yeah I know I'm young but I'm spunky and spy! My owner is Aiyana but she got me as a belated birthday present for Selena. Well if you are impressed by me then say these magic words (click on the banner below) and you will be transported to Neopia, where I spend my time!

If you read up on me you know I'm a pretty good girl, smart and a hard worker...especially for my age. As a matter of fact I have my very own Theme Park and Shop that Billybob helps me run....shhhhhhhhh I like him a WHOLE LOT!! This is the picture he gave me that I keep under my pillow.

I've loved Billybob since the day we met. I want us to be like our owners. (the MUNS not the CHARS) Here is a love letter that Billybob's Owner gave mine. I think it's just so sweet!

My owner thinks I'm responsable so she gave me a job of guarding her domain! So don't steal anything from anywhere in this place because if you do, I'm gonna have to get mean and nasty! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!