The Wolf Clan....a bonded people, a pack like the wolves themselves. To protect others, dealing justice to the cruel and heartless and having a strong sense of honor make this group a dangerous bunch, as a whole. Acting as police, they help Dragon in maintaining Order. Accomplished fighters, always well toned, graceful and quick. Announcing their Energy as Air. Be wary in accepting a Brawl match or duel with one of these, for the skill is precise and unmatched. Masters in any weapon and creators of many fighting techniques they make the ultimate bodyguard or Knight for being chivalrous to a fault. It has been known that members of this Clan have never backed down from a fight, even if means death to them. Well, mannered, poised, formal and perhaps hidden intelligence, make this Clan noble and have an ally such as this is a friend forever...but betrayal will end in a fast and honorable death.

Nobility is not a birthright it is defined by ones actions and virtues are a persons greatest weapon and defense. Always keep focused on everything, learning to accept the simple pleasures in life. Take nothing for granted, it may be lost forever the next time you blink. Remember this saying: Id rather accept the bad deeds then see the bad judge the bad. And finally be unmoving and patient as rock, being the firm foundation that someone's feet stands on....knowing you are needed is an honor and a joy.

--Saying of the Wolf

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