Deadly power rests with this Clan..... The whale a sonic, intelligent mammal that is gentle but when provoked has a long memory and can seek vengeance. It is the seem for these Ostellian's. Looking stranger then their other kindred, usually having gills or fins of some kind on them. The habitat mainly consists of watery or damp areas and the skills are so profound, that all are wary and respectful to them.

Water is the source of their manipulate it anyway they see fit. All the need is one drop to create a flood. To touch a person and change their molecules so they become a literal statue of ice. This is but a few named skills that this Clan can do. Even the land itself is not much of a weakness, for just about anything contains water. However..these people are not very sociable amongst the other clans, finding them inferior or boring. Suppose it's true when the statement was said that: "power corrupts."

Our power is in complete abundance but never take it for granted....for perhaps. it is our greatest weakness and to become weak has no satisfaction. --Proverb of the Whale

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