On October 10th 1999, Aiyana with the help of Rowen Moonblade gave birth and brought Uriel into this world. Let the portal show the events as they happened.
After sometime her inn comes into view, and Aiyana approaches taking a key out to unlock the entrance. She does so opening the door stepping inside. Rowen walks in after her, strands of his hair covering his eyes, watching them from behind. His mind wandering and a slient sigh emits. Aiyana lighs some lanterns as her inn is usually darkened from the woods surrounding it and the curtains drawn. His muscles tense some then takes a silent breath, relaxing and looks around.
"Let me see if I can put her down for a nap away from me.." Aiyana says as rowen replies quietly,"alright."
And picks Selena up with great difficulty and carefully heads through the kitchen.
Rowen stares at the lanterns, quietly thinkinging, his silent blue eyes gazing intently into the lanterns' flames, his fingers gripping tightly around the gloves he is holding. Aiyana sits rocking Selena in her arms, feeding her warm milk, humming her favorite tune...her daughter's little mind confused on why she is being fed so early, not really that tired. Nonetheless, Selena's tiny body relaxes from her mothers love and warmth, and about a half hour passes before her eyes droop closed. Aiyana stands, trying not to disturb Selena as she lifts her huge bulk from the chair, taking Selena to the storage room in the kitchen, where she promptly lays the child in her pen, putting her lavender blankie on and giving the young lass her stuffed penguin, placing a kiss on her tiny head.
Aiyana then steps out of the kitchen, and catches sight of Rowen staring off into space.
Rowen meanwhile continues to quietly watch the flame, turning his head slowly as he feels Aiyana's presence. Softly whispers "She asleep...?"
Aiyana nods her response, sensing his tension "Shall we head upstairs...?" Carrying bowls and a jar of dried leaves, she makes her way to the stairs without awaiting an answer. Rowen silently follows her upstairs, his eyes shifting to a pale blue.
"Grab some glasses and fill a pitcher with water, and bring it up, please" Aiyana says as an aferthought. She then continues up the stairs, slowly getting to the top. Arriving there, she heads down the long hall , to the very back where her room is located.
Rowen heads back down, getting the items she requested, then he walks back upstairs, quietly breathing. Makes it to the top and walks down the hall, frowning to himself. Quickly his feet leave the floor, and he floats down the hall to quicken his pace. When he arrives in her room, he can see Aiyana is already preparing herself for the induced labor, slowly undressing, removing everything, her belly grossly extended, her breasts drooping and slouchin from milk. She then grabs her nightgown, placing it over her head, buttoning it up halfway, leaving panties off for OBVIOUS reasons. Her tone is quiet and relaxed as she speaks "Alright Rowen...put the glasses and pitcher by the bowls on the night stand."
Rowen quickly and quietly walks over to the nightstand, placing the glasses and pitcher on it while Aiyana sits on the bed. After a moment, she places some leaves in a glass from the now open jar, and then pours in the water, watching it dissolve mostly on contact, stirring it with her finger to dissolve the rest. Then speaks gently to Rownen, feeling a need to explain as she catches the look of uncertainty upon his face "This will induce labor, alright...?"
Rowen nods slowly, speaking softly "Alright..."
Aiyana then continues "It takes 15 to 20 minutes to take effect...now don't worry, I'll be fine..if you get uncomfortable just leave the room get some air. You are free to come back in anytime."
Rowen replies, tone still quiet "I'll be fine, Aiyana.."
Her voice a bit tight now, Aiyana murmurs "Do not panic...because I will panic...." For the first time, Rowen can see how really nervous she is, those swirling eyes of hers are filled with it. She gives him a nod, downing the liquid without another word, then props the pillows up, laying back, trying to find a comfortable spot, keeping her legs propped and spread apart.
Rowen then walks to her side, voice as gentle as ever "How do you feel..?"
She attempts a soft, small smile "Nervous, and a little scared." Aiyana then begins her slow breathing methods, to help relax her body and reduce the tension. Rowen kneels, taking her hand gently, rubbing it softly.
Aiyana breaks the moment of silence "This your first time?"
Rowen nods, speaking softly "Yes.."
Aiyana gives his hand a gentle, but tight, squeeze, feeling the drug flow through her. She is almost ready to begin. Rowen looks down at her, watching silently, worry upon his face.
She then gives him a reassuring wink, though she truly does not feel assured herself "Relax Rowen, keep talking."
Rowen curses at himself in his mind, knowing its going to be hard since he is so quiet. Softly pats her hand, speaking gingerly "Um..."
Aiyana starts laughing, it cutting off in a painful groan as her body tenses. The first contraction hits, sending agony through her body. She finds it strange, since Selena's birth didn't hurt that bad.
Rowen blinks, moving around in front of her, reaches over to let her hold his hand.
Aiyana switches to her laboring breathing, knowing tensing is not good, speaking gently "S'ok Rowen it's just a contraction." She gratefully accepts his hand, as within 10 minutes another contraction hits, more painful than the last. Aiyana then groans, sweat forming on her forehead, waiting for her water to break.
In response, Rowen levitates his glove to the pitcher, and dips it in the water. Then the glove floats over to Aiyana, and lays upon her forehead.
Aiyana tries to keep her breathing steady and regular, as within the next 20 minutes her water breaks, wetting her and the bed. Her voice a lil strained as she speaks "Thank you..."
Rowen rubs her hand softly with his thumb, quietly singing a song in his native tongue. His voice has smooth melody to it "Kime oni.. juubei sanbai.."

Within the next hour or so her contractions are irregular. Squeezes his hand in support, in a struggle to keep her strength up, her voice weak as she speaks "So have any plans....?"
He gently responds "To be with you throughout this ordeal.."
Aiyana giggles quietly, it coming in a half cough "Wouldn't you rather be doing something else...?"
In answer, Rowen shrugs "I could be sitting on my tail, smoking and eating pig feet.. but you're more important.." Follows up with a gentle smile.
Aiyana gently starts to berate him "I told you not to let your life revol..." Her body suddenly contorts and twists, her expression one of agony as her mouth opens in a silent scream. Her body partly lifts up and falls back down, her nails digging in his flesh, her grip threatening to break him.
Rowen quietly watches her, his other hand ready just in case the baby starts to come. He quietly thinks that he is glad he isn't human, watching the grip she has upon his arm.
A sickening sound is heard, a tear running down her ivory cheek, and Aiyana feels warm stickiness flowing down her legs. That once rich voice is now ragged and harsh "Rowen, what is that...?"
Looks on, a bit of horror in his voice as he watches the blood flow in a near gush, thick and dark, from the place between her legs "I.. I don't know..."
Again Aiyana groans, her eyes filled with panic and terror. Rowen keeps his face calm, even though he is quite worried. He grabs a towel, wiping up the blood, noting that she looks so tiny and frail as she lays there in her own fluids and sweat.

As the next hour passses, not much happens. Aiyana thinks that maybe sheet changes would be in good order. Rowen is thinking the same thing, but doesn't want to move her, so he simply cleans her up with some towels, then adds them to the small pile of soiled towels gathering upon the floor.
Aiyana drops off in exhausted sleep, looking sunken, all the while still groaning, her abdomen giving the barest of twitches every now and again. Rowen moves to her side, wiping the sweat from her face, placing a fresh, dampened towel on her forehead.

About three hours pass, then Aiyana suddenly bolts upright, the air leaving her lungs as pain overcomes her, all color draining from her childish face, tears of pain and fear rushing down her cheeks.
Rowen, who had taken his top off, wipes the sweat from his own brow, then moves to her side. Lays her back down slowly, speaking in a comforting tone "Relax.. breathe..." He then gently strokes her hand after gently guiding her body to it's resting postion.
Aiyana tries once more to correct her breathing, but isn't too sucessful. She whimpers in between sobs, voice ragged and eyes wide "Please Rowen" a sob escapes her lips "Pleeeeeeassssse make the pain stop!" She then screams, her lungs threatening to tear, more blood flowing from between her legs. Something is seriously wrong, as Aiyana is not a screamer.
"Kami no hokuto.. orewa monai toasu mona da...Keep your soul calm, sweet angel..." Rowen gently speaks, trying to give some small comfort, both to her and himself. Desperately he wonders why the baby hasn't come out yet.

Hours pass, ten, then twenty. Night falls once again, and Aiyana's condition worsens. Rowen returns from checking up on Selena, and rubs her hands gently, checking again for the unborn child.
Aiyana asks softly "Where's the baby....?" She too wonders why it is taking so long, knowing for certain that something is wrong. "Has it even turned yet?"
Rowen very gently lays a hand on her stomach, feeling around, slowly finding the shape of the babe's body. With a slight frown, he can tell that it has not turned itself to the correct position. It's head was not coming out first, as is normal. With a shake of his head, he turns to look at her "It hasn't turned yet..."
Her voice and expression a mask desperation, Aiyana screamed out "What!? No! It HAS to turn....it has to!"
Rowen once again feels her abdomen gently, speaking to himself "Come on, kid..."
Aiyana groans as another contraction hits, and she finally starts into the stage of pushing. As she does so, she screams again, the pain intense and unnatural...she can't push or it will do harm to her and the child. The child had to be turned, or she had to be cut open.
Rowen places moves his hand around her stomach again, feeling for whether or not the child had turned, speaking quietly to himself "Come on...turn.."
Aiyana tries to push again, though she is losing too much blood as it is. Panting heavily, sweat streaming off of her, she whispers "Water..."
Rowen hurries off to get her some water, then moves to her side, bringing the glass to her lips, slowly and carefully.
She takes only a few sips, to wet her mouth and throat, as too much would not be good. "How many cenimeters dialated am I?"
Rowen then looks, trying to figure out the answer to her question, speaking softly "Kuso..."
Aiyana then groans, holding in the next push, which ends up being more painful than pushing itself. Weakly she inquires "Has...it...turned...?"
Rownen meanwhile, leaning down to investigate her earlier inquiry, his eyes moving up and down repeatedly, answers softly "About six..." Without missing a step, he feels her stomach for the baby.
Receiving an answer to her first question, she nods, guessing that she was more than halfway there. STILL the baby had not turned. Crying coming up from downstairs announces that Selena has awakened, and probably has been awake for some time now. The young girl's displeasure at being ignored can easily be heard.
Rowen heard the crying, but continued feeling for the unborn baby. "Come on...turn...please..."
Aiyana then groans "...go check on her...I'll be fine..." She then continues her breathing, grunting and tensing slightly from having to hold back another push.
"B...but Aiyana..." comes Rowen's soft reply.
"Go on...you are to become...her Bond Guardian...soon..." Aiyana weakly responds.
"Unh..." After his short response, Rowen runs downstairs and to the storage room. He finds Selena standing there, red faced and crying. Picking the girl up, he whispers to her "Shh...shhhhh..." The screaming upstairs just makes the little child wail harder. Rowen then tries to gently quiet her once more, but he feels the need to return upstairs to be even greater. "Kuso...I'll be right back..." Setting the girl down gently, he dashes back up the stairs and down the long hallway, stopping in front of Aiyana after he reenters her room, having decided on what he is going to do. His voice is quiet as he speaks "Aiyana...I'm going to turn it..."
Deeply red in the face, trying to breathe and still hold back on her pushing, she gives the barest of nods to indicate her consent.
Rowen takes a breath, steeling himself, then reaches between her legs, very slowly and carefully, and starts to reach inside her. He takes note that she is about 7 centimeters now...not much time to waste. Aiyana groans, breathing uncomfortably as he probes around in her, but thinks she'd rather have him do it to her than die. Rowen then reaches in farther, slowly, and finally feels something...a limb. The baby is VERY close to the birth canal, which is dangerous, but nothing can change that. He figures out that it is the babe's left leg as Aiyana lets out a groan, her breathing getting faster as she tries to keep from crying out or tensing.
Rowen then moves the baby some, trying to get it to turn, a quiet desperation to his voice "Come on..."
And indeed it does move...a bit. Aiyana's whole body quivers again as she holds back a push, Rowen feeling a jolt as she does this. After a slight pause, he reaches out with his free hand to take hold of one of Aiyana's for comfort and support, then continues to carefully turn the baby. Suddenly the baby slips to the side. Rowen figures that he has to be extremely careful now, so as not to block oxygen, and again Aiyana squeezes his hand in pain and exhaustion.
After a few long moments, Rowen blinks, slowly pushing the babe back from where it slipped. He breathes quietly before speaking "Alright...keep calm...come on..." The man now takes a deep breath, and proceeds to gently and slowly turn the babe by it's arm. Suddenly the head drops down into the proper place...it would not be long now before the head will poke out. Aiyana can push now, but she seems too tired to do so.
In response to the unborn child's movement, Rowen quickly takes his hand out, and quietly encourages his ladyfriend "Come on, Aiyana...just a little bit more. It turned..." He lets the his words trail off, not seeing a need to speak any further words on the subject.
Five agonizingly long minutes pass before she gathers enough strength to start pushing. Aiyana leans forward just a bit to get the leverage needed to bear down and push, the opening now dilated to 8 centimeters. Rowen then once more takes hold of her hand, keeping his free hand ready for when the babe comes out.
Moonlght80: get ::pant:: a ::grunt:: towel ::breathes in::
DJSMRF: ::grabs a towel quickly and gets ready for the baby::
Moonlght80: ::an hour almost passes and low and behold there is finally the head, she keeps heaving to Moonlght80: push extending the longitivity::
DJSMRF: ::tilts the head up gently:: (q) come on, Aiyana.. You can do it..
Moonlght80: ::starts sobbing again as she gives it all she's got....one BIG push and that baby slides Moonlght80: right out::
DJSMRF: ::holds the baby in the towel, smiling:: You did it..
Moonlght80: ::the baby quite big but still quite small cries long and loud as it's white self is covered Moonlght80: in blood and slime::
DJSMRF: ::holds the baby in one arm then walks over to her side:: Yana..
Moonlght80: ::something seems wrong with both shoulder blades looking dislodged, but at Moonlght80: closer examination he can see it's most likely spots that wings will sprout eventually, Moonlght80: Aiyana extremely exhausted but awake takes deep breaths and looks at him with a smile::
DJSMRF: ::sits beside her, smiles down at her::
Moonlght80: ::within a few minutes she grunts and pushes slightly and out comes the after birth....the Moonlght80: whole ordeal quite a mess to clean up:: Moonlght80: so there is the little thing that's been kicking me... what is it?
DJSMRF: ::looks back at her legs and blinks:: (q) Um.. I better clean that up..
Moonlght80: don't worry about it...cut the cord of it ::smiles wearily:: Moonlght80: *off
DJSMRF: ::takes his finger which glows slightly and severs the cord cleanly::
Moonlght80: boy or girl...?
DJSMRF: Its a boy.
Moonlght80: Uriel Moonshyne Moonlght80: middle name will be decided later
DJSMRF: ::nods:: (q) how do you feel..?
Moonlght80: ::as he is wiped down, he is innerving to look at as his skin actually changes from white to Moonlght80: near purple, depending on the amount of light shining on him, his eyes are crimson they seem Moonlght80: and his hair thick and as white as his mothers streaks while HIS two streaks are black Moonlght80: :: Moonlght80: *unnerving
Moonlght80: tired and VERY sore.......
DJSMRF: ::looks at him then her:: (q) Get some rest..
Moonlght80: ::as the boys eyes come into focus....they are crimson...and a swirl takes place, first Moonlght80: orange then yellow......yes a very unnerving child::
DJSMRF: ::just raises a brow at him:: (q) Um..
Moonlght80: ::his streaks come "alive" like infinate blackness and his head moves some as his skin turns Moonlght80: white again::
DJSMRF: ::blinks, having a confused look on his face:: DJSMRF: ::blinks:: (q) Uh oh.. Selena.
Moonlght80: ::aiyana is oblivious due to sleep::
DJSMRF: ::holds the child then dashes down the hall, jumping down the stairs, holding the boy DJSMRF: carefully and walks to where Selena is at::
Moonlght80: ::as soon as he steps in both streaks...meaning hers and his light up instantly, hostility Moonlght80: in the air, Selena immediately stops her wailing and becomes unearthly silent::
DJSMRF: ::looks at her:: (q) Hey Selena.. ::kneels to her::
Moonlght80: ::she just simply lets her large silver eyes that swirl emerald green and gold rest on the Moonlght80: small infant in his arms with a frown too adult to be on such a young face::
DJSMRF: ::looks at her expression then looks at the newborn:: Moonlght80: ::his expression is that of a newborns, rather expressionless until he learns otherwise but Moonlght80: his eyes are bright with intelligence and hostility::