An image of beauty and mystery is this clan. Blessed with the Spirit of Earth or the Energy thereof some call it. These Ostellians see harmony and peace within all things. Gentle and innocent in demeanor this Clan focuses on healing and bettering the quality of life. A favorite pastime is building or creating things, that improve society or the person. The Masons, bards, poets and any other artistic class make up this group.
This Clan lives a carefree lifestyle, believing in the goodness of the soul, they never resort to violence, not even in their own defense. Many laugh and scorn this Clan as fickle and childish, but look into the eyes and see vast knowledge and wisdom. Ask and they will tell you the whole and honest truth.

Listen to our song of peace, touch the soul, taste the sweetness of innocence and truth and see all the majesty within...--The Gentle Unicorn

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