An impressive large cat...white or orange with stripes...a feline none other than the Tiger. As you can see by observing all the clans that they may not look like these animals...most certainly can take on the mannerisms of the chosen creature. This Clan is no exception. Relying on their brute strength and savage fighting attacks, while similar to the Wolf in styles of fighting, do not trust these mercenaries to defend anyone but themselves to the death. Loners and wanderers, sometimes cruel and always quick to anger, it is not wise to deal with them unless the price is right. It must be money or something worth lots of it, otherwise you will find yourself abandoned right when you need them the most.
However, like all the others they do have honor and once paid in full, they can be just as noble as the Wolf. Stopping at nothing until they reach the set goal. Likewise if they feel the need to return a favor, but once it is done, they are gone. This Clan favors the Element of Fire. That would explain their beserker ways and tempers. Preferring the nomad way of life. You may see them wherever you go. Unless of course...they do not want to be seen. Most common expression is a mask of cold calm or sour looking. Their demeanor is very likely to be cold and uncaring, but are they?

Nothing in this universe is free....everything has it's price. What are you willing to pay? The more valuable it is, the more chance you have to think wisely, do not be cheap or greedy...personally I want something material....I don't want your life, being responsible for my own is enough, I don't need the burden of two. So pay up already.--Common saying of Clan Tiger

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