Snake..... The name alone is a hiss. One of the Darker Clans, this group relishes on the forbidden, the wrong and the nasty. Necromancers, cruel and manipulating politicians, everything to them is a game they will do anything to win. Even if it means killing their own to do it. Truly they have embraced the Power of Chaos like a jealous lover. Some exchange their souls, others their own blood relatives, to gain whatever strikes their fancy at a given moment. They are as cold blooded as their namesake...seeing Order as an enemy and Death as a best friend and a deadly reality, indifference makes a strange and powerful tool.
With the Panther as the eyes to the world outside the politics, few dare to cross paths with these 'reptiles' whose wit and smooth talking can snare an unsuspecting victim within their tightly wrapping coils. The key to avoiding their traps and head games is never trust them.

Ah yes....come with me, let us wine and dine...perhaps indulge in the flesh. You do look tasty.... --The saying amongst these people are never the same.

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