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This Elemental is one of the Four Spiritual Guardians...her name is Daphne. She protects Selena during the Spring and blesses her with beauty and growth. Of course she is of the Fae Realm. Selena and her mother have a lot of friends of the magical but unseen sort

Selena is the first born child of Aiyana Moonshyne and the deceased Morgan Vlad Sylverfyre. A baby that is a year old and always seems to be sleeping. Selena is usually upstairs or in the back rooms if her mother is not alone. Some people might say, what a terrible mother Aiyana is, but this is not so. If her child is in danger of any sort, her streak as her mothers will glow, signifying distress.
A pretty child with angelic features, she will surpass her mother in looks. As Aiyana is more exotic than beautiful. Hair as Dark as Midnight with one snow white streak coming from her left brow, identifying her as a half breed. Round eyes that are silver and swirl with innocence of emerald green and gold, and pink lips that curve into a sweet toothy smile and heighten her porcelain visage.

Febuary 1999
This small baby is unusual. Her eyes are deep and seem to hold something intense in them. Like her mother she seems ready to smile. She is dressed differently everyday, except a lavender blankie and a stuffed penguin which she keeps with her, given to her by Rowen

July 1999
Selena's first tooth is coming in and she has just started to walk on her own. Pretty soon she will say words and may everyone cover their ears for she loves to make noise.

September 1999
Another tooth has come in and a few words have been spoken. "momma" and "toy" are the most constant. She loves spending time with her Uncle Aidan and Rowen Moonblade. September 30th will be her birthday and she will be a full year old.

October 1999
Some rapid changes are coming into her life...some may prove difficult in the future. On October 10th her mother gave birth to Uriel her baby half brother. She seems to dislike him very much, constant crying or hitting things when he is present. Soon she hopes to become bonded to the most dominant male figure in her life, Rowen Kei Moonblade. Will he turn into her father figure...only time will tell.

November 1999
becoming increasingly lonely while Rowen, her newly linked Bond Guardian is away. Being linked to him mentally she sees through his eyes and hears his thoughts. Vice versa for him, will he return?

A Week Later...
Oh yes Rowen HAS returned...took care of Aiyana while she was sick and handled both children while he saw to her recovery. Selena...proud of him, called him "Daddy" and later that night fell asleep in his arms and he fell asleep while holding her.

January 2000
Selena has a difficult time coping with Uriel, since Rowen is not there as often as he liked to be. She has been picked on by her brother, though most find that strange. Saying more, she is in the hearts of all those who are around her, namely Rowen and Kagato.

Febuary 2000
She has become deathly ill and is no longer within the borders of Rhy'Din. Unable to be with her firstborn child Aiyana must stay here and attend her duties as a Leader. She has entrusted the care of Selena to Aidan, in hopes they both will return alright and safely back to her.

April 2000
Selena has returned alive and least physically. Her ordeal has left her seemingly withdrawn. She doesn't laugh or smile. That pretty little face seems so somber..Maybe it is because she was away from her mother so many months with a high fever. Could it be something else entirely. Aiyana seems saddened but not worried. If her daughter wishes to tell her what is wrong she will..if not her mother understand more than Selena thinks.

May 2000
Selena has broken her silence since Rowen did, but he has left again. This time she does not know if her Bond Guardian will return. Aiyana is becoming increasingly ill. This time it feels different and this lil child has become frightened. She wishes Rowen were here...

June 2000
Aiyana is dying and everyone is ignoring her. Where could Rowen be? Is he dead like her mother might soon be. So scared sad and lonely she is now, but she remains good for her mommy. What will happen to her if her mother dies...? She waits in sad fear.

July 2000
Mother is worse off, she has been left in Uriel's care. She tries to remain the good little girl, but her brother is not so nice all the time and that frightens her. Still no sign of Rowen, she is beginning to think he will never return. Hope will always remain in this pure one's heart that one day he will come back. Right now she must start to learn how to be more independant.

August 2000
As the month passes the pain, physical and mental become more and more apparent and hard to ignore for this little girl. Forbidden to see her mother due to her condition she tries to occupy her time like a child should. However with no one to care for her and no children her age to play with...she is often starving dirty and lonely. Though her temperment hasn't changed a bit remaining in good spirits, she keeps the faith that mommy will get better.

September 2000
A terrible thing has happened. Mommy's presence has disappeared....a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE thing indeed. Now truly alone, her brother has taken over Mothers duties, so she sees him less and less. Her birthday passed and no one noticed, not even she did. Mommy was gone, or so it felt like. What could she do? She was only two. Should she start facing the adult problems and carry the burden like Uriel. The pain was so bad...Uncle Aidan had saved them. Could she be strong and brave? Lonliness enveloped her like a brooding Shadow. Would she ever see her family again? The only thing she had left to cling to was the stuffed penguin Rowen gave her almost a year ago and her mothers last words. "Selena, mommy loves you so very much, keep that smile and don't rush your childhood. Being an adult can be harsh, always keep the light that is your inner child, never let it go, for it will be your becon to see the good in the world. Be good, I will always be with you...." She didn't fully understand what momma said, it wasn't her time to...but she would believe in them and never give up faith. Mommy had never let her down...ever.

October-whenever (which is now May...storyline in progress...and it has not taken off since December)
Uriel teleported them to her birth place...the cavern, then he grew wings. She was so scared as she watched that bad creature (the demon that was part of Aiyana) fly around in the sky the buildings and her home blow up. Lonliness and fear made her so hysterical, that it took a hug to calm her down from Jana, a strange but nice girl she met at mommy's inn thanks to Darien for bringing her by. Uriel stuck her with Jana and another Ostellian named Joey to look for someone. Hopefully she would and could be of help. She so badly wanted her mommy was the time to be strong.

As you have read, this child is indeed growing and as all growing children have, is hobbies. Selena likes being read to. She likes to spend time with her faerie friends...and her, they really do exist! Zantalaylia and her like to help unfortunate children find thier homes again. Won't you help these children too and where this badge so they know you are there to help? Selena hopes you will.

Now look over yonder..see that faery? She is Selena tiny friend Kayla. Follow and she will throw her rainbow dust on you and take you to the secret Faerie Glade!
((the Faerie Glade is not up yet..when it is this message will no longer be here))