Clean, Quiet Rooms

As an Inn that holds fourty one rooms and each room has large beds, at least one or two in count. Here is a small tour of just a few rooms and their accomadations. Please pick the room of your choice and see the Inn keeper about prices, meals and other activities. We at the SylverShyne Inn hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable stay.

Royal Suite

Surrounded by columns and mirrors rests outside a secluded bedchamber with king-sized bed. Each room comes with it's own personal waste and bathing facility, chests and closets.

The Romantic Sweet
This romantic setting is perfect for that special occasion. Heart shaped waterbed with mirrored ceiling, oversized copper whirlpool set the mood for this romantic rendezvous..

Eastern Culture
Let the mystery of the Orient transport you to another world. A king-size bed, black lacquered furniture and Oriental décor bring this fantasy together. A cozy whirlpool with ceiling to floor mirror surrounds you.

Sleep in a Viking ship waterbed, relax in a private spa or retreat to your own sauna. An Old World Experience with New World luxuries.

If you want a room purely for comfort and not anything too extravegant. Try these rooms.

If you want a fire place request it, and you will be given a room with one in it..

The Features

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