Prophecy of the One

And in the beginning,
The race existed in harmony.
Their power concealed,
Carefully awaiting the moment.

Great cities rose,
And great cities fell.
The race left to their own devices.

Soon it was forgotten,
What the ancients had foreseen.
Clans were formed,
And ideals changed.

Lost in their own sufficiency,
No clue was to be had,
That the Chosen, walked among them.

Raised not in poverty,
And not in luxury.
The Chosen but a child.
A child, whom chaos will follow.

The great war will begin,
With the birth of the Chosen.
Clan on Clan, bloodshed eternal.

Streaks of white,
Shall herald the end.
When brother fights brother,
For nonexistent sins.

And from the ashes of this war,
The Chosen will construct.
A unified Clan of Clans.

The Race united once more,
The beginning of the End of Days.
Destruction will reign,
And the lands will know pain.

The Chosen at it's center,
The nexus of power.
Energy untold, destroying all.

Streaks of white,
Heralding the end.
Streaks of white,
So the new can begin.

Idea mine....but the composing words were written by Steve show my appreciation I'm posting his bands website here...when I get a link

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