The Phoenix...a mystical bird. That over 500 to 1000 years engulfs itself in fire and dies for a new one to be reborn. While no one in the History of this Clan has done this, perhaps one might one day will. Known for their down to earth common sense and practical ways...they are a rounded out people. Having no particular specialty like the other clans. Plain and simple is best used to describe them. Not in politics as much as the Panther, finding manipulation and power boring, unlike the Snake and Whale. Carpenters and cynical fortunetellers, though not as in depth as the Unicorn or Dragon. Talented fighters but will never amount to the Tiger and Wolf. Life is their energy and they live it well.
The prophecy stated that the One would come and unite all the Clans and bring forth the End of Days and that this Chosen will be streaked with white. Well...this Clan was Blessed...or Cursed depending on your view of being the one who bore the Chosen. Aiyana and all her blood Kin belong to this Clan. Perhaps they will be the greatest Clan or the most hated...only time will tell.

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust....rise again we must. As the End draws near....we must prepare for a new beginning. --Quote from the Phoenix

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