Known Members of Significance

The Panther...a sleek and graceful animal that uses camouflage to stalk its prey. Combined with the Spirit known as death...This Clan have chosen their specialty and profession well. The Assassins, sneaking on their target unseen and causing pain and sorrow in their wake as they with quick precision or mocking slowness take the lives from the bodies they mangle. Truly a fiercesome Clan...but usually lead paranoid solitary lives. Always watching their own backs and trusting no one but their ability to kill. Needing no money for the skill they posses. No reward...then why kill for nothing. For pleasure, a hidden agenda. Whatever the case may be, they are watching and waiting. Perhaps you are the next target as the lunge begins and you feel searing pain as the last breath is taken and you never felt or saw it or who was coming....

Heard nothing..didn't you? Until now...feel that pain? This voice and that pain will be the last thing you feel and hear in this life. You can't scream. Blood is filling your lungs and fear is numbing your body...Be still and quiet now, you are about to see what death is.

Clan Panther usually talks to its victim before the kill.

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