All Aiyana knows of her race is what her brother Aidan has told her about them. Even he is not entirely sure if any survive or what they worship from the war. What he knows is as follows...IF he knows more he is not forthcoming for Ostellian knowledge is closely guarded and protected so others may not exploit it

(( Alright folks since my race is not very popular nor "appreciated" I've decided with my D&D expert of a fiance to give Ostellian d20 statitics so they are a lil more easier to play and understand. HOWEVER PLEEEEEEASE do ask permission still before creating one it is STILL MY DESIGN AND CREATION!! This is still a work in progress so be patient on updates. FIND OUT MORE))

There are eight known Clans of Ostellians. They are:
and Phoenix.

Each Clan has a leader and has specific powers according to their colored streaks. The color system is complex. (since there are so many to choose from..meaning the colors are perhaps a limitless amount) Since no color is the same, although they may be similar. Females have two streaks, while males have three. This is no way means males are more powerful than the females. No one really know why men have three and women have two. The theories are that males are such in abundance that they are given an extra streak to match the small but dominant power of women. The second theory is that it is a simple marking to tell the difference between the sexes (like birds..the males are brightly colored the females dull)

Ostellians are mortals, living up to 200-300 years, the oldest on record is 500 years. Though most because of the harshness of their society usually live to only be 80 to 100.

The streaks are the source of the Ostellians power. They cannot cut them off by normal means ( scissors, knives, shears) they will instantly grow back. What makes them different from most mortals is that if someone manages to cut off the streaks, they will not grow back and therefore die. This is a most guarded secret and rarely done, majority will never speak of it as to have ones streaks severed is a horroble act as it gives the offender the power of the streaks and the streaks they have as well ( and to a non ostellian the power of the ostellians streaks they hold)
Ostellians can also die of natural poisons or diseases but each clan varies and may have protections against certain ones.
The race is immune to most magical attacks except from magical weapons and each other. An ostellian can kill another of his kind easy enough but other races may have some difficulty doing so, dependong on the creaturs skills and other attributes.

All the clans have a dominate color...keep in mind that all the clans acccepts ALL colors, and other colors are seen...(like red when all their siblings have a bluish tint) it's just certain colors are MORE common and frequent in different clans.
The color of the streaks can determine the Ostellians power or talent. Bear in mind also that colors may be similar so therefore MAY be similar in power, the darker the color, the more range of power or talents the person will have. The lighter the color, the more limited the power or talent will be. (not necessarily those with lighter color specialize in one thing while darker shades of color can have two or three different skills and not master any of them)

Most common (dominate) colors in the Phoenix Clan are:
and Cream.
White is also in this Clan. (Aiyana being the "puriest" white) The Power of the white streaks are undefined and unusual, it could be the most useless of powers. More is being discovered about them as Aiyana "grows"

If the streaks are pitch Black then the person can do ANY form of Magic they choose, this means that they are weak against Physical attacks. (Uriel, Aiyana's son was documented with these powers thus far with these colors evident)

Silver has the power to become the Phoenix itself and be able to change like the Phoenix (big to small, fire to feathers ect.) The weakness of this is perhaps the person will keep dying and be reborn every 500 years.(Aidan Aiyana's brother and bond guardian has been documented on this. The rebirth part has yet to be "tested" and proven however)

The cream color can do any form of healing ( Aiyana's grandmother was documented as being the potential "one" due to her color..she had these abilities that rivaled Clan Unicorn even to this very day... but was reported missing after the birth of her only child..a daughter who in turn bore the true chosen.)

Gold has the power to control any form of light, weakness of course is shadow or darkness. (Aiyana's mother was documented having this color and this ability..a women who used her power to strike fear in those who opposed her and her ambitions. She has made relations with clan snake terribly rough and they have been in a state of political power and war fare for almost 50 years)

Grays has the ability to asorb forms of magic (*this does not mean that they can reflect the magic back onto another person.* While many have been reported with this ability it is limited to a TYPE of magic. As of yet there is no specific shade of gray that asorbs all magic)

In the Whale Clan, blues and greens are common. Light Blues has the power to create gusts of wind or the talent of telekinesis NOT BOTH. It has been reported it varies on the colors shade..lighter the color the more telekenic they have been

Blues has the power to make and move water, like make water in the desert or create whirlpools in the ocean must have a single drop of water or moist air like fog. They even may have telepathic ability *again* NOT BOTH. Again this has been reported to vary on the shade of the blue..meaning a very dark blue is probably a very powerful telepath

Teal has been reported to be very powerful, can control any form of water in just about any way. RESULTS HAVE VARIED. Such as creating storms or freezing a person from using the water within his body

Blue Green is almost the same as Teal but to a different degree as they tend to be dealing with the mind more than actual elements or water. They deal with telepathy and what degree has not been documented.

Weakness of the Clan as a whole is they cannot wear any type of metal or leather armor, weak against heat based attacks. Cannot stay away from water for more than a day or they start to suffer from dehydration.

The Tiger and Wolf Clans mainly consists of the fighters and warriors their streaks are of the bold and dark colors. Brown, reds ect. THEY CANNOT USE MAGIC AT ALL. Their colors are techniques, such as martial arts and ancient fighting forms. they are virtually invincible when fighting in groups or just hand to hand. Their weakness is Magic, even healing magic will harm them not heal them.

While they are not able to use magic or elements like the snake or whale clan, the can harness them through fighting.
using the elements as a weapon

Such as the tiger polymorphing their bodies or body parts into weapon shapes or heating their hands so hot that fire can actually stream out from them

While wolf wearing armor usually from head to foot and carrying the finest crafted weapons use their skill to boost their strength and agilty as they have used air to help them in this feat
Wolf has also been known to use Air and their weapons as "rods" to force back the enemy with a streak of lightning or a strong gust of wind

The Snake and Panther clans are also similar. Their common colors are they bright ones and neons. They are the agile and graceful ones, sneaky, clever and always sticking to the shadows. They almost match The Clans of Tiger and Wolf in forms of fighting (though snake most often will flee direct combat unless conered) and strength and clan Dragon in magic, although Snake and Panther rely on Black Magic and the Dark Arts. They are choatic, not nessiarly evil...though they can be. Watch out for these Clans.

Snake dabble in the necromacy and other vile magic that make the other clans literally want to steer clear of them. However this clan is beguiling as well as good manipulaters. They appear well dressed, good looking, polite and have distinguished manners. This clan has suffered heavy losses in the hundred years war and may be extinct. Only one survivor is within the records and now is missing)

Panther is the clan most closely connected with Clan snake so one assumes much about them..when in fact very little is known. This clan are skilled assassins and no one has lived to tell the tale of survival or what the face of their oppressor looks like. Panthers dress completely from head to foot in all the same garments..all the time. Some say it is just one person but no one has dared prove this by unmasking these egmatic and silent people. Panthers never give out their true names, perfering "pen names" and when uttered they simply appear out of seemingly nowhere. No one knows how they do this or what other skills they pocess and all clans have hired them for various services ranging from killing a firstborn daughter to guarding the Unicorns sacred groves.

This clan always ask for payment up could be money an item or a person. You don't pay you don't get services done. Depending on the clients attitude toward Panther on their payment policy then the poor client will be dealt with in a brutal and swift death
Panther are honorable and have lived up to their "contracts" to the fullest and have succeeded in every mission they have done on record.

Price for failure is assumed to be death and someone else will step in to finish what the other started..since no one can tell them apart no one can really truly say if Panther has indeed failed at a task

This clan disappeared as soon as the Hundred Year broke out and hasn't been seen since. Many unfriendly things are being spread about them as well as rumors that yet again have yet to be proven about this clan.

The Dragon and Unicorn Clans are the peaceful type. Clan Dragon has the unuasual color (such as mixed colors as red-orange ect.) They are the Oracles and Seers, they can also shapeshift. They perfer solitary lives, are not socialable, perfering to be cryptic and speak in riddles.

This clan is very law abiding and leave their hermits to hunt and see that law is upheld in their areas. They have even been known to claim a city as their own and "protect it" This clan has alliance with any law abiding creature and deals swift "justice" to those who directly defy law. Making this clan the unwanted police at times, and those who stand nuetral must stay out of this clans ruling or be seen as an upstart and dealt with.
Their way of life is strict and sometimes harsh. However they are for the prosperity of the race. As lawful is neither good nor evil. Some clan members see themselves as good, others see themselves set apart. Either way law is upheld no matter the method used. This clans one weakness is the envy of other clan Dragon members and the richs they may have or perhaps they upheld the law in a better way. Dragons love material objuects and have a large collection of things they like and fluant and will obtain it by almost any long as it never breaks the law.
Dragons who have broken the law are either killed or outcasted

Clan Unicorn has the Pastels in their group, such as pink and lavender. They are the true healers of mind and body, herbalist and bearers of peace. Their weakness is their strong point. Builders of beautiful things. Often called flakey and finiky. They WILL NOT fight in ANY way not even to defend themselves. They are the easiest to kill but the wisest of all the Clans.
Come to them if you seek knowledge freely without riddles and confusion. Seek them if you wish to ease a pain either physical or mental.
Unicorn has built all the cities that that others reside in, as well as the Temple of Shanku

Unicorns have unearthly beauty..while many clans detest their pacificts ways not one of the other clans can deny their wisdom or look away from such beauty easily. Many have been known to stay within their company for days..seeking knowledge and gazing upon them that many report to forget what was said to them and therefore gained nothing

While here, you have been given the bare breakdown of the clans from what is written above. If you wish to know more then I suggest you travel about and find what you may. To start perhaps you should know a lil more on the Clans History and Government
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