This is a dedication page to past Ostellians played by people. This is not my writing but thiers. I would like to thank Steven Gabe (thesilentdark) who played Eldrac very well. He reminded me much of a drow but with less arrogance and very honorable, making him an oddity indeed.

And for Jenny Mayes (whsprsmoonshyne) who brought Whispers to life. Though she was a beginner and had not the patience to give the character much detail she had opened a door to Aiyana's family past.

These Characters are not literally dead both the muns left giving an opening but no ending to where these people are or what happened to them so if anyone is interested in picking up this two lost ones, feel free to e-mail Me

Eldrac Akire

Firstborn of the Noble Family Xi'an Akire, he is the last known survivor of Clan Snake. Highly trained in the martial and magical arts, he uses his skills for his survival, and his survival only. He roams, searching for what was once his, to re-establish his bloodline, and to return to the homeland.


As a young boy of only 4, he spent his every waking moment pouring through the libraries of the noble house of Xi'an Akire, studying intently the prophecies contained there, along with magical theories. His intense training began at age 5, physical prowess beyond any scope was crammed into his brain day in and day out. Half the day was spent in combat, sparring madly in the martial forms of the Snake, the second half spent in intense mental conditioning, followed by magical theories. In his later years, assassination and spy techniques were added to the curriculum, it was during these days that he was not a firstborn of a leading noble house, but merely a male, to be trained in the rituals of clan Snake. Though the war raged around them, his training continued unabated. He was oblivious himself, though he knew that soon it must find his people. His sharp mind understood the enormity of what was occuring, combined with the prophecies and the rumors flying about the land. Their allies, Clan Panther, were sending reports of a combined force entering the sacred forests which they inhabit, but no invasion or fighting was yet evident. Already accustomed to the backstabbing and assassinations that are so commonplace in their society, not much thought was given to the fact of betrayal. Though he rejected any part of that society, the cold edge was still present in his personality. Then, on a yet another stormy day, the thunder and lightning crashing around their house, it happened. He was 19 at the time, and though almost fully trained, not prepared for what occured. As the gates of the house suddenly crashed under an enormous magical blast, troops pour ceaselessly through the shattered gates, cutting down house members where they stood. The unexpectedness of it took it's toll. Within two hours, all but four were slaughtered. Eldrac, firstborn of Clan Snake, the Captain of the Guard, and two house soldiers fought visciously, cornered in the stables. The bodies were piled high, though they were quickly being overrrun. A whisk of an arrow was all that was heard, as the Captain of the Guard fell, choking on his own blood. The other two soldiers were quickly cut down at well, leaving himself, back to the wall, his sword dripping with the entrails of a thousand enemies, his mind reeling from the shock of to much magic. And before his tired arm can raise his blade again, the cold shock of steel clenches his stomach, a dumbfounded look as he gazes down at the blade, then cool blackness as his mind slips from this world.

Awakened by the cool feeling of rain upon his cheeks, he stirs slightly, his eyes fluttering open painfully. Glancing around from the position where he fell, all he sees is chaos. Bodies strewn everywhere, in varying degrees of dead or dying. His gaze falls to his own stomach, grimacing at the rend in his own flesh. Placing a hand over it to staunch the blood flow, he stands warily. Stumbling, making his way to the main structure of the Clan's complex, he passes other of his own kind, torn limb from limb. Entering the building, he disappears within the dark of the interior, a trail of blood showing his progress, and his shambling footsteps. Re-emerging from the building, a bandage wrapped tightly around his midsection, and a longsword strapped to his back, he sets out from the complex, in search of the fabled energy gate, that connects their land to the next. Tired and war weary, he leaves the homeland that he has loved for so many years, it's magic coursing through his veins, he sets out from the destroyed Clanhome, searching his destiny among strange peoples. His thoughts dwell on the thoughts of revenge. Clan Panther, where were they? Why the false reports of no invasion? Rage, burning and true courses through him, his forested eyes narrowing in sheer fury. Determination kept him going, though his life-blood trailed after him for every step, he still managed to work his way through the forests of Kazuk' Tul, home to Clans Snake and Panther, and into the plains beyond, searching for the gate. Months pass, and still he searches, until that one fateful day, when roaming through the mountains, that a power source so inexplicably powerful nearly took his life. Staring around wild eyed, he realizes that it isn't substantial, merely a rift in time and space. Finally, after months of searching, he has found it. Without a second thought, he jumps through the warp, the long sword clutched tightly in his hands, his mind focusing on what is to come, even as the feeling hits him.

Loneliness grips his heart, for none of his kind has he seen for months since leaving the Homeland. The intense urge to re-establish his bloodline pulls at his heart, yet no chance has arrived. Sighing softly, he steps into yet another town, the dust of a thousand trails clouding his ragged clothing, his eyes dangerous and narrowed, searching for any signs of danger. His thoughts drift once more. What is this land? Rhy'Din? He shrugs idly, " It's chaotic reputation has drawn me, possibly my destiny lies here." And as these words pass through his mind, his body freezes, a full blood Ostellian female filling his vision. Destiny indeed.

He seems to have vanished...did he return to the homeland? If he is dead then Aidan and Aiyana would have felt the "tear" of the total loss of a if he is dead then that must mean other members of the Snake survive....

The Chosen One
Eldrac's Clan

Whispers Moonshyne

Personality:Whispers Moonshyne wears a wary smile of mistrust but is also curious and her expression of gentleness is spoken as soft as her name also she is most regal in her bearing and stature having no childisness anywhere.

Description:Thick hair the color of Sugar with subtle lavender streaks, two at each brow reaches her midback curling at ends. Blue eyes brown and Green swirl in hypnotic stare. Tall as 5'4" at age of 23. The golden spoken skin matches the mystical but soft eyes.

Family Background:This woman doesn't know much about herself because she was taken captive at a young age. She comes through the energy gate through Rhy'Din in search of her family because she knows she is the oldest daughter of Lysaer and Laylia and knows some where on this forbidden world that someone has been cruel to her. that they are the one. She first meets up with her sister Aiyana who is the person who has the first key to unlock her shaded past.


she has disappeared leaving nothing to her whereabouts. Aiyana is worried she is hurt or dead, Aidan believes she is alive and a dishonor to thier family.