Dragon...the name itself lets the speaker who utters it envision magnificent creatures of grand size and the keepers of beautiful objects and mysteries. This Clan holds true to their chosen namesake. More cynical then their soft hearted counterpart the Unicorn and more honorable then the smaller cousin, the Snake, the Dragon Clan is admirable for keeping Order amongst themselves and the other Clans. Disrupt Order into violence, creating havoc and death, will gain this Clans disdain and possibly their wrath. The people of the Panther and Snake avoid them whenever possible. Strangely enough...only the council of Eight seem to get along as far as each clan goes.
The Attributes of these people are few but valuable. They can change to the Dragon itself. Living alone in caves or densely wooded areas or sometimes the swamps or arctic cold (meaning the depths of the waters without guysers). In any case, the places they choose to call home is always remote and discourages visitors. Spending most of their time alone, collecting treasures and antiques they create hordes. If someone visits one of this Clan expect cryptic answers and confusing riddles, and a clear truthful answer..for a price of course.
Be careful on the questions you ask and the answers you seek. The Dragon people will request a quest for an item not yet in their collection and you may never return, but you will receive an answer always...if you have the patience and the courage to accept this Clans terms...you will not leave empty handed.

Are some things worth knowing? Is it a game? All the answers you seek are here...the knowledge is in your grasp. Will you accept the challenge? Or do you find you are more content now with what you have? Ah you accept! Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours..we all do things for our own personal gain...you are the one who started to try to gain something when you came here and asked a question. Now the tables are turned and it is time for my gain.... --The Dragon

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