Ostellians...rare humanoid creatures that thrive on technology combined and hidden beneath magic. Seldomly seen outside their world, preferring their large lush forests or the beautifully crafted buildings, towers, domes and homes, it is a wonder to see them when they appear elsewhere. Wary of outsiders, Ostellians remain aloof to other races. The Great War brought chaos and near extinction to the race itself and many are going beyond the Energy Gate to seek the One Ostellian who can unite the Clans and restore order.

History and Society

As the Supreme One was making worlds and Dimensions and the gods to go with them to let them make what creatures they wanted; it was decided to split the Supreme Power into separate energies. Those Being: Life, Death, Order, Chaos, Wind, Water, Earth and Fire. And so the Energies drifted to each world and galaxy giving birth to creation. In each World the Energies took on forms, or inhabited bodies so to speak, taking on gender and calling themselves gods. The gods made animals, creatures and lastly humanoids giving them names like Elf, Demon, Dwarf, human and many others.
When the Energies descended on one world in particular, the reacted strangely. They wanted the forms of animals and their creations to be humanoid but connect to the animal and the power it represented. Thus while the Gods had their followers who bickered and abused what was given to them, in that one world the energies combined and created what are now called Ostellians. After creation, the Supreme One spoke to the Energies saying it would be wise to split apart and tell their creations the importance of this.

Agreeing that this would be in the best interest of every living thing, they split apart taking the form of a chosen animal. Life took the Phoenix, Death took the Panther, Order took the Dragon, Chaos took the Snake, Air took the Wolf, Fire took the Tiger, Water took the Whale, and Earth took the Unicorn. The Energies then explained to the Ostellians that they have the power to destroy themselves and others, including whole worlds. With those words the Ostellians were marked with swirling eyes filled with the energy given to them and colored streaks that became the source of the races power and talent.

To make sure they were not invincible, the energies conceeded that magical endowed metals, weapons and other materials would harm and repulse the people, one of the race if even a half breed can kill another from the same race. This means that Ostellians, while living to 500 years of age cannot die by normal means. Also to make sure they will not try to dominate other races, the Energies were going to wait to bless a child with white streaks to rule the Ostellians with justice and fairness. That time has come....

The Society of this race sounds simple but is actually extremely complex. As a whole it is run by women, broken down by Clans who have one representative, a leader. It has been Equally divided that there are four men and four women to be chosen Each Clan has a leader and can be identified by a tattoo of their clan animal somewhere on their body. The society itself is broken into 6 parts.

The Government commonly known as The Council of Eight-

This Government body consists of the Clan Leaders as a whole. The duty of the Council is to mainly protect the knowledge of the Energies. Among others, they keep as much balance and peace between the clans as much as possible, as well as offer advise to the Matrons of each House. They wait the return of the One so she may sit upon the Seat of Power.

The Matron Houses- Though Smaller than the Council of Eight, only Consisting of five Groups. These Houses Whale, Wolf, Panther, Snake and Phoenix hold the most power in Economics and Politics. Also they deal with war, the safety of their designated Houses and have courts for criminal cases (the Council of Eight acts as the Supreme Court) The Houses are always competing against each other for better things. How the Houses are run is by the firstborn daughter of the ruling Matron Mother. If the Daughter dies it goes to the next daughter in line, but if no females succeed the line then the youngest son or husband will act as the head until they have daughters old enough to rule.

The Independents- These Clans are like the group name given them, independent. Staying away from politics and civilization in general. The Unicorn, Dragon and Tiger Clans prefer to live in the forests practicing their mystic ways. Clan Tiger act as mercenaries to anyone who needs them, with good reason and the right price. Dragon adore their hermit lives in caves or other dank places speaking their riddles and prophesies. Unicorn love nature and meditation. They live in spectacular glens filled with life and serenity or the temples, finding peace, beauty and "oneness" in all things.

Code of Ko'datchi- By far the largest group the Ostellians have. It is where men of low status are placed, the working class, warriors, mercenaries and servants. By Code of Honor and Respect, these men cut there hair short and may not grow it below the ear. The streaks will continue to grow stopping at the stomach. The hair length shows the rank of a person and the streak length shows the amount of power an Ostellian has over another. Men in power may grow their hair to the shoulders or to the waist, their streaks stopping the same length as their hair such as waist length or stopping at the buttox. Anything longer in both parties will result in death for conspiracy and treason.

Tribe of Noasis- the Second largest group consisting of women of all status, but cannot bare children. Like the Code of Ko'datchi, the women cut their hair very short or to their shoulders but most prefer shorter due to personal reasons. The streaks may be up to buttox or thigh length. These women are strong and dangerous having nothing to live for but to fight.

The Outcasts- The most despised and perhaps the most feared group. Having multiple tattoos placed on their bodies, dealing with outsiders having any length of hair they choose and abusing powers at every chance these Ostellians have no honor among the other "Clans" and are looked upon with disdain. It is widely whispered that they will be part of the uprising to stop the Eight Clans from uniting as one and that the One is just a myth. MORE WILL BE WRITTEN ABOUT THIS CLAN WHEN WE FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THEM (which means when I get around to it)

Individual Clans

The Ostellian Race

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