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The past- (1997) Aiyana was a small woman standing at 4' 7 and weighing 85lbs. Hair that is medium brown tumbles to her waist when it is not pulled back in a bun. An unusual feature to her hair is one white streak at each brow,going from the brow all the way to the ends of her hair. Eyes of hazel with blue and green flecks, crinkle up and change subtly when she smiles. Her face is pale and smooth, like the rest of her skin. Clothes are plain, Aiyana doesn't care much for tight, revealing clothes, nor does she take much interest in richly made clothes with elaborate design. Her code of dress consist of plain dresses with robes, ranging from white to pale green dresses, with robes of white or blue. All her clothes are made of cotton or wool. Will occasionally wear silks to outings or to meet Royalty in. Doesn't wear satin unless asked.

Past Changes-(1998) Aiyana has mutated into a demoness by a Necromatic Spell and her appearance and taste for clothing has altered a bit. Her hair is exactly the same as it was, nothing has changed. Her eyes are still hazel, is now filled with a profound sadness, or when she hides that her eyes appear depthless, as her soul has aged somehow. has been known to change to eerie pupiless yellow when she becomes very agitated. Her skin has absolutely no pigment now, it looks like freshly fallen snow. She has grown quite tall from being 4' 7 to now being 5' 2". Also she has black leathery wings that can cover her like a cloak (18ft wing span) or she can retract them under her skin, so you can see no traces of them. Her clothing has changed from cotton to silks, still wears no satin and the colors have darkened. Her dress goes a bit past her knees, is black but still doesn't show off her body to the full effect. On her finger she wears a white gold ring encrusted with diamonds and a large Sapphire in the middle. Adorning her ankle, is something that most people think is out of place, it is a an anklet that is gold and has two bells on it, so it jingles when she walks. She has never taken it off.
*note* her true demon form is something few have rarely seen. it DOES NOT resemble anything remotely human.

(1999) Aiyana committed suicide and was brought back by her brother Aidan, who in turn bonded her to him more severly than the original tie, making her dress in mens clothes taking her daughter and chopping her long hair off. He took her honor only to restore it later, with an Ostellian ritual.

(2000) For nearly a year, (9 months) Aiyana has covered up in heavy long robes concealing her body and veils to cover her face. Why? The only reason she gave to friends is she was pregnant and didn't want anyone to see her "roundness." Was to hide something else...? Of course...but she isn't telling.

(2001) Uriel, her 4 month old son is growing rapidly some say he is not innocent that there is an aura of darkness around him. But still being the mother that she is, she is loving and caring to her son, though this winter like last year has been hard on her, having been sick 3 times this winter alone.

Many months have passed... (about 7) Aiyana has grown steadily weaker. It is worse than all, thought...she looks dead and shriveled. Parts of her body are vanishing...her soul is "fading" can anything be done? Or will time itself be shifted?

(2002) The fears have become reality...Aiyana's soul has faded. What remains of it is guarded by Aidan who gave up his body so that his soul may be her sheild. Magic has fluxated through out the land, the dead have risen. It seems death itself has disappeared from the balance. More Ostellians have appeared...are they drawn to her. How can she be restored? What will happen if she isn't? So many painful questions...some best left unanswered. The Lady of Secrets lays dormant at her ruined inn, sleeping in peaceful suspended animation. Friends and family a like have started thier search for the eight mediallions and the gateway to her homeworld. Will they suceed or will Aiyana Moonshyne be lost to them forever? Time grows short but only it will tell...
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