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one look at love
and you may see
it weaves a web
over mystery,
all ravelled threads
can rend apart
for hope has a place in the lover's heart.
Hope has a place in a lover's heart

Whispering world,
A sigh of sighs,
The ebb and the flow
of the ocean tides,
One breath, one word
may end or may start
a hope in a place of the lover's heart,
Hope has a place in a lover's heart.

look to love
you may dream,
and if it should leave
then give it wings.
But if such a love
is meant to be;
Hope is home, and the heart is free.

Under the heavens
we journey far,
on roads of life
we're the wanderers,
So let love rise,
so let love depart,
let hope have a place in the lover's heart
Hope has a place in the lover's heart.

Look to love
and you may dream,
and if it should leave
then give it wings.
But if such a love
is meant to be;
Hope is home, and the heart is free.

Hope is home, and the heart is free
the above is "Hope Has A Place" by Enya

Some Faeries aren't as shy as others and will appear around people they like, or deem a person worthy to see them..Of course you can always catch a glimpse of Fearies if they are caught off guard!
This water Faerie is Aiyana Guardian and symbol since Aiyana is Cancer and was born in June. This lil fearie can heal most anything she touches whether it be a wound or disease!
The Faerie Queen of Neopia herself has chosen to represent Aiyana for being a good and decent person whose talents go unnoticed but appreciated by her and all other faeries!
Aiyana Moonshyne.... a woman of intrigue and mystery. Shrouded in her past, that often times makes her unhappy and have self loathing.
Most do not see this because she always mangages to laugh and smile, keeping silent about her pain, whether it be physical and especially mental. She is not too quiet anymore, her mood depends on the situation. She is rather cool and collected. A teaser and has a sensual air to her.
Not much different from anyone else. This woman likes simple things. She enjoys cooking, sewing, reading, and quiet places, whether she be alone or with company.

1. Night Angelz Rank: Mage Dice: 2d43 XPs: 1465 Forum: The Underground GC: Jez Redfern (XJezRdfrnX)
(dunno if it disbanded or what haven't gotten mail from them since June 2000)

2.heads her own Guild/Kingdom-SRoZ (Storm Riders of Zartenoth ) Dice: 2d46 XP: 2669 Forum/Empire: ZLotCS (Zartenoth)

her badge she wears to identify her rank.

Dressed plainly in blue, not too long as it only drops to her shins. Having most of her figure back, trying to keep her over swelled bosom from popping out in anything she wears. Make no mistake, she MAY be a force to reckon with.
Those that know her well know that she is back on her feet and is working as hard as ever. Rarely speaks of the father.

Present-Laying dormant in her ruined inn with Aidans life force surrounding her. Youth and "beauty" restored, this dainty lady rests in suspended animation after losing the battle of her soul fading. Through Aidan she survives...for now

Aiyana's history is one most don't approve of, but as she tells people, "you do not have to like me just accept me." A truly alien woman, she comes from a different world entirely. She had a mother and father and was the fifth child out of six. Her people were peace loving and reclusive until she was born. The only one born with white streaks, it was prophesied when the race was newly formed, that one with streaks of the puriest white would lead the race to greatness. What this "greatness", is no one knows for it was short lived. A war broke out when she was three, it resulted in her being separated from her homeland and family, to be put into Slavery. Her first Master was Delron (no longer has SN) a very cruel and preverted man. She was beaten daily, the slightest thing she did wrong she was punished. Kept in hiding,from society until she was ten, she was always his favorite slave. The first penetration was at the age of five. Aiyana had to muture mentally quickly to cope with the pressures. This went on until she was about eighteen then she escaped and she traveled to Rhy'Din and worked in the Whitethorn Inn. There she met Doctrine, whom she later married. (no longer has SN) He showed her gentleness and kindness but not love as he hurt her in private. Soon after, Delron found her and was pursuing her but her husband did not care, it was Morgan Vlad Sylverfyre who did. Vlad was a dark, eccentric man, who showed her love. Always there when she felt unwanted, scared or confused, but she did not return his love at first, it was when Doctrine ignored her in public view, that she gave Vlad her wedding ring and told him to give it to a woman he loved, when he wanted to get married. Vlad kept that ring by his side, and he taught her how to fight and it was then she loved him. Doctrine never found out that they were together, even when she became pregnant, he thought the baby was his. The happiness was not to last however, even with Delron dead and Doctrine disappeared. Two months into the pregnancy, Vlad approached her as usual, they spent time together, but when he left he told her he loved her and goodbye, it was the last she saw of him, she received a letter that he was killed. She has never been the same since....She will always love him. (if the detail on him is not enough just ask Aiyana herself)

Since then Aiyana has been through two other Masters and many men. None of which have stayed with her long. Some were her fault, like Gavyn, Edgar, and Rowen.

This Woman is not violent unless family are threatened, she considers close friends family as well. She has an older brother that she has reunited with after many years named Aidan and she loves him dearly. Her two year old daughter (no mun yet) who she had with Vlad is Selena Ixon SylverShyne (combination of their last names hence the SylverShyne Inn too) She now has a year old son named Uriel Moonshyne (also no mun) the father shall remain nameless since the parents had a fallout before the child was born. She used to have an adoptive son named Nemo whom she STILL loves like she gave birth to him. (SN not available) now believed to be deceased. Another child she loves dearly and treated him like a son is Dorma, is also believed to be deceased.

Her Guardian: Sayvian, she found him when he was a baby and has raised him. He is many things to her, her brother, best friend, confidant. Her emotions for him are deep and unexplainable.He is now deceased. May have other family somewhere....she doesn't know she just knows that three children out of the seven are reunited. One is now deceased or believed to be.

Her inborn gifts are unknown since no one of her people has had white streaks. When a person touches her streaks however, no one knows what they see except the person touching her, and most will not speak about it afterwards. She gets the feeling of their emotions when they "see", also she sees images around people and can fortell what is going to happen to them. She sees these images clearly, she may not understand why the images are there and what they exactly mean. These images can change daily due to certain decisions the person she sees has made. (very difficult to RP this talent because must have other RPers permission before "foretelling" something) Aiyana LOVES working with her hands and likes to do things the "old fashioned" way. She adores cooking and sewing. She is a decent healer but doesn't rely on magic, she uses, herbs and vials, bandages and cloths. She is a retired Priestess....and knows the Art of Necromancy for her demonic side. She knows the spell #Glamour# which make her look like her past self, height and all, just in case the 'demon' re-emrges. Spends time tending her flower and herb gardens (real herbs and flowers, most are used for cooking and teas, some have poisonous or healing properties)

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