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This battle faerie is Aidan's Gaurdian, perhaps this is what makes him such a strong ally and good fighter!

Personalty A dedicated man to his race, family and Clan. Aidan is a man of Honor and a keeper of his word. Although not likeable by most with his quick tongue and thinking, which is why this Fire faerie may have chosen to represent him! He is extremely loyal to those he knows well. He is commonly seen in Taverns or Inns drinking, talking of his Sister Aiyana. He is a bodyguard for hire in her Kingdom SRoZ (2d47 Enhancers +1 Sides- Bastard Sword ZW-0041 +1 Defense- Studded Leather Armor ZW-0536 2651 EXP's) He wears his badge to mark his rank.

As a loyal member, Aidan's hard work shows with the badges he has that were awarded him...including his enhancers.
Recruit Badge (x1)
Won them for a recruit run
Skilled Weaponry Badge (x2)
won it in two tournies

Details on his enhanced Bastard Sword
Obtainted April 26th 2000-won it from the Tourney
Discription Brass guard and pommel with leather wrapped grip.
Handle 5 1/4", Blade 33", Blade Width 2",Overall Length 41 3/4", Weight 3lb-10oz

Details on his Enhanced Studded Leather Armor
Obtained April 30th 2001- won it from Tourney for participation
Description Upper body protection. Similar to the Brigandines. Includes ALL Straps and Buckles.

Description A medium sized Ostellian in height, standing to 5'11" his width and stature, however are impressive and revered in his Race. Not handsome to most, even among his kind. His features are angular which are common to the Ostellians, but instead of having a smooth face, his is weather beaten with a slight golden tinge to his skin from his travels, and rugged from many years of fighting. Much older looking then just his mear 24 years, his eyes are hazel-green that swirl with blue and grey flecks, and always shine like a childs, except when angry. A body that is hard and toned with rippling muscles. His chest is broad, with massive shoulders and arms are covered by a plain white tunic that is opened at the throat. The tunic is tucked into dark blue arabic style pants, that sadly hide his thick legs. On his feet are well worn leather boots. A long red sash adds a splash of color to his otherwise plain attire. Three streaks of silver run through his black shoulder length hair.

Family Backround There isn't much to tell about Aidan, a very intriguing man he is. He travels to many places, seen many things, met many people, yet he is alone. He is a wanderer, never staying in one place. Extremely close to his sister and niece, sworn by bond and oath to always protect them. Prefering duty and honor over starting a family of his own, he searches for the Energy Gate he went through to find his Sister, so they both may return to their homeland. Aidan is the second son of Lysaer and Zantalaylia and was bonded to Aiyana at age two, he wants to return home to see if his remaining sister and brothers are alive.

yes one sister is alive or was....Whispers Moonshyne but she like Eldrac vanished is there a connection?

More about Aidan is revealed when Aiyana speaks about him to friends. Aidan is not all that appears to be. Aiyana claims he fakes emotion most times to get information of any kind. He was raised in a temple..that much is true but his training was different. Take a glimpse at it.

As we look more into Aidan, we see there is a lot more to him then what is analyzed at first. Always there for Aiyana, no matter what...even now he has sacraficed his body using his soul as a sheild to perserve her life to keep her soul from fading from exsistance. Will he or she be revived to their former selves? If there is to be a future...let us all hope so!

Page last updated February 25th, 2003

Clans and Relatives

The Ostellian Race
Aiyana Moonshyne
Selena Ixon SylverShyne
Uriel Moonshyne