Lisa and her Daily Thoughts

Hey look at friends of mun actually won! I have given in to your demands and decided to let ya'll into the mind of the woman behind the mun!

My Bio
My name is Lisa, I'm 22 and 4'11". (measured acurately this past christmas..still short..damn!) This is me with my boyfiend Mike!

Taken August 2001

Thats right guys...sorry but I am happily taken!! I have a picture gallery up FINALLY, so do take a look, those of you that are curious. Yes I'm ugly...Mike is handsome, (in his words...he's sexy! shhh...don't tell him we disagree ::teases::)

Hust a bit about me: there isn't much to tell. I roleplay Aiyana, and Xull'rae online and Thalia offline. You viewed my site for Aiyana before you came here.
I live in Export, PA. Formally and always at heart a southerner from Chesapeake, VA. I have no job, I graduated from high school in 98 with honors...withdrew from college and I have a disabilty called cerebral palsy.
I have two dogs: Ginger (min pin) and Baby (chihuahua) and we all live together in a smaller house. (we moved)

Now enough info about life, looks and all that. Now it is time to explain the real reason this page is here. Yes I did say it was about me...but not just that, but the way I feel. Most tell me I'm kind, caring, loyal but of course friends will say that. Am I really though? I suppose I am my own worse critic. Below will be my daily I dunno if I will wite everyday or leave this unfinished..that is up for me to decide.

Now time for disclaimers because people can be so picky and easily offended.
This is my public diary of sorts...these are my personal feelings of subject matter and people. Names WILL be mentioned...if you read this material it is of your own accord. This is a way for me to express myself..since I do it best in writing...for those who view this it is a way for me to tell friends how I'm feeling.
However I realize this page may be viewed as if you think I am e-mail me and I'll reword things and watch what I say. Cussing may be in here the point I'm trying to say is VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!! Turn back now and do not proceed any further if you offend easily!

Now if I still have your attention because of all the nonsense above...then onward to today's thoughts!

March 5th 2002
Yeah I haven't written since the September 11th thing but hey I'm a busy girl oing through the dail thing we call life!
New things:
1. we moved to Export PA in October
2. the dogs are doing fine.
3. updated my grandma's page
4. updated my main page to this site..finally..and am finally...SLOWLY working on the site as a whole.
5. Yes my guild and forum still exist, I'm working on that as well but with only mike helping it's slow coming..
6. I play a drow now named Xull'rae me and Mike have made a DnD Underdark Campaign. Want info on it let me know..I won't post it here because I have a measure of privacy I'd like to keep and get away from guild, forum work and Rhy'Din
7. Mike and I have been together for a year and a half now. HE SAYS he plans to marry me hopefully in the next year..he has no ring yet
8. March 7th is Brandon's birthday..if he reads this I hope he knows I miss him and I wish things could have worked out but they didn't..but I was hoping we could at least be friends..
9. My cousin Johnathan who plays Aidan is gonna graduate in June this year from High school..I feel old.
10. I updated and changed my message board.
11. Adding links, crafts, jokes, inspirations, and recipes when I can..but I got a lot of other things to do first.
12. Had a lot of requests from family to write again, so I'm trying to dig up old poems I wrote to place on my real inspiration to write new ones yet. However I HAVE began writing Aiyana's story again that I started in 94' and stopped in 97'. Found my notes on it and what I had orginally wrote. I'm taking my time on it so don't bother me about it. I might let you see a chapter if you ask nice. ^_^
well thats about it..busy see? told ya hehe!

August 14th, 2002
Yes been a long time since I wrote AGAIN, but I figured why bore you with moody daily routine thoughts when I could update on things that impact my life in a big way or have changed since last I wrote! Well here goes:

1. Dogs are still doing fine but we finally got them a pen to play in, and doggie licenses to make them legal FINALLY in the state of PA.
2. Still working on the guild, forum and my site, still going slow and is basically at a dead stop because my computer crashed in June and I lost EVERYTHING cause my hard drive fried. So if anyone out there reads this and has any guild or forum stuff I need, please please please send. Because trying to get Mike to get on his old computer to get the stuff I need is a hassle because it doesn't work right anyway
3. Since my comp crashed..I lost my novel I've been reworking on since March..needless to say I'm depressed and haven't started up again. Maybe I'm not cut out to be a writer....
4. Our D&D Campaign is a success but it will still remain private.
5. Mike got himself a new computer
6. I had a birthday on the 29th of June, I'm now 22 and owner of a PS2. 7. I just got back from a vacation to see my family for 5 days, took pictures, developed them but I need to reinstall my scanner, but don't expect any pictures soon, I'm getting uglier as the years go by
8. My cousin Bo (Walter) got married to his 4 year girlfriend which is why I went on the vacation in the first place.
9. My cousin Johnathan graduated from high school with honors, went to the prom with his girlfriend and sent me his pictures. His brother Jeremy will be STARTING high school in a few weeks. Johnathan will be 18 on the 26th and will be leaving in September to go to boot camp so he can join the navy. I'm so proud of him, I will miss him and his RPing Aidan very much.
10. I'm soooo old....
11. My mom and I actually went fishing..after 7 years..and we went..together......
12. Mike is still planning to marry me..but still no ring yet hehe!

So thats all folks...until next time this is Lisa Lassiter signing off!

August 28th, 2002
Well just a short note that I've been busy as usual and have no time to really write in her but just wanted to let you know that on the 26th of August (roughly 2 days ago) was Johnathan's 18th birthday and he is official a man!


While running errands with Mike who had the day off, we stopped at twin lakes for a break and relaxation from stress. It is a park with a lake above and below hence the name, and on a gazebo deck watching the sun start to set, Mike presented me with a box and got on his knees and asked me to be his wife!
I said yes and the date is not officially set yet but we plan for sometime in May of 2004!

See July-Sept. Where I left off
(if you would like to contact me about this page or a particular thought, send me an e-mail. It will be posted on here unless it is a private message or you ask not to have it posted!)