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Lisa's Daily Thoughts For July-Sept.

July 10th
Turned 21 June 29th...been trying to keep current updates on all my sites but it's not working...and I don't really have much to say but you on look on my previous thoughts to see what I've been doing since April.

August 4th
Life is always full of obsticles and stress. For any who read this and I honestly dunno if people even go to my pages. Anyway that is the reason it has taken me so long to write here. Life is hectic. I think almost anyone knows what that is like. I miss VA but I don't miss it as much as I once did. Mike and I are fighting a lot, but truthfully I think it is healthy, we don't fight often. Our problem is money problems and lack of spending time due to that. I'm quite sure that is what has us both on edge. I don't know how to fix it, so I'm letting things roll. We have to move again soon that and a lot of other things that I will not mention here is bothering me. So with my words expressed on this page, I think I can stop writing now, till something else gets me riled up!

September 6th
ok I know it's been a month since I wrote, what can I say? I didn't want to bore any of you readers. (assuming there are any?) Anyhow A lot has happened that just wasn't my normal daily grind. Well first I'm going house hunting again, will probably move to VA next year, it's too complicated to move there now..trust me! Speaking of VA we went there to visit family and Busch Gardens the last week in august! It was nice but too short hehehe. Just last week here in PA, we went to the Renaissance fair, I got burnt like a lobster but I certainly had fun! Took pictures but they aren't developed yet..for two days I've been sick with god knows what, with a fever of 102. Thats over now (thank goodness). In any case I felt so good today that I got out of the house and bought myself a scanner!!!
Thats right, in a few hours up to a day, I should have all the pictures up that I promised back in May! Even ones of my Grandma Katy, which I will place on her page...and of course my dogs which most of you have demanded to see!

September 13th
Ok so I lied! It took some time to learn how to work my scanner and all the lil extras it does. Anyhow I know how to work it now and I am working slowly but surely on getting those pictures up!
September 11th will indeed be embedded in my memory forever. Yes I am in disbelief and angry, but as so many others I have to keep a good prospective on things and gotta push forward. To the families who have lost those on that day and the days that followed you have my sympathies. Please if you want your thoughts posted on this page, contact me....

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