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First off this is OOC and I will like to apologize for any spelling errors or details I have left out. Please feel free to e-mail me on any comments you may have concerning Aiyana or Ostellians in general. Please note that the Race of Ostellians is my idea. It is based on a story *I* am writing. Another thing is that stealing ideas are very disrespectful. If any one wishes to be an Ostellian of one of the eight Clans please e-mail me and we will discuss the character you wish to be. I am easy an person, I will not bully you and say you cannot do this if you are resonable in your creation. The only exception is that a person cannot have white streaks like my character or her daughter, you may choose cream or off white. Also, no multi colored streaks, meaning one streak is one color and the other(s) is another color. There are is Half breeds... they are *EXTREMELY RARE* one is my chars children (no mun well I play them..) Males have two streaks instead of three and females have one instead of two. Like I said before and I will say again, if you have suggestions...E-MAIL ME. One last thing, Ostellians can be very colorful....their skin can be different colors as well (pink blue ect) but the skin must be a different color or shade than the hair, eyes AND streaks. EXAMPLE has pale blue skin with gold eyes, white shoulder length hair, and lavender streaks. The color combinations can be endless, but be sure the colors are tasteful yet unique together. Yet you can have them plain, like my character, her daughter,and brother; who could pass for ordinary humans...that is all I have to say for now..hope you enjoy what I have written.

Please note also that this particular page is dedicated to the mun stuff, webrings, and credits of those pictures, artwork, and people who have help this page be possible. I am working more solo now and I am still learning some web design stuff, so right now my pages are..ok..but they could be better don't you agree? I am making changes but I'm limited in my knowledge. If you want to return to my main page CLICK HERE

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I recommend this webring, it is quite large and provides some interesting readings

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This is my own webring. As the title states, it's dedicated to unique made up races who are made from people who are not famous...YET :-)

this webring I joined...cause it was about time that I recognized my char was A "Citizen of Rhy'Din"

This Webring is dedicated to Native Americans who fight to make a difference. To see the links given to me to help this fight, please view them at the Library This is the letter I maybe some of you can join in the fight as well.

Subj: RE: LINKS - Help REAL Native Americans teach prophecies, regain burial grounds
Date: 12/24/00 1:01:41 AM Eastern Standard Time


I just stopped by your website, and I see you are linked to Shadowlands: Mysteries & The Unexplained... and I thought that perhaps you might see your way clear to put up a link to our website

Our website is operated by legally recognized Native Americans, and was the first such Native prophecy website on the Internet. We are a remnant of Pocahontas descendants in the Missouri Ozarks.

Your link to our website would be helping real native americans teach about our own prophecies in our own way. Your link will also help our tribe repurchase our stolen ancestral lands, including over 300 ancestral burials stolen by the State of Missouri. One of my traditional teachers was the daughter of Grandfather David Monongye, Keeper of the Hopi Prophecy. Grandfather David's writings and you are welcome to link to that site also.


It has been a long road for my Bear Clan Cherokee people, who descend from Powhatan and Pocahontas through her Cherokee mother... from a nation of over 100,000 down to 700 or so. We were the first Indians to be encountered by the English of the Virginia Company, who sent out 3 exterminations campaigns each year to exterminate us by 1652, so we moved to our hunting lands in present-day Missouri and Arkansas.

NEW! Prophecies of Earth's Indigenous Peoples Webring

If you would like to join, "just paste this HTML code into your website, and email me, telling me the URL of what page you have the code on, and I will take care of the rest!

Wado! (Thanks)

Chee-yah Sah-goh-nee-gay-ee
Scotty Blue Otter, Webmaster
EARTH MOTHER CRYING! The Journal of Prophecy of Native Peoples Worldwide - the only Native Prophecy site sponsored by legally recognized native americans.
My other websites (I will be glad to link to you from them also)


I would like to thank my coach and web creator Brandon for all the time he spent teaching and working on my page. While I am completely taking control of my site now, he helps explain things I still have to learn. Also my thanks go to my friends...and they know who they are...for helping to be an extra pair of eyes when looking for pics. Angelfire and HTML Gear deserve a large part of the credit, for without them, I would not have this web page nor this guestbook.

Bars and backgrounds were courtesy of these two places. 10,000 Backgrounds and Backgrounds and Bars by Cynthia

My faeries will have thier own resource page when I can get around to it...until then the 4 guardians on Selena's page came from here.

Midis I got them from various places...some of those sites no longer exist...however if you wanna know a good place to get them it would be at

the other pics and such I can't remember where they came from I'm sorry and sincerely feel when I first started out designing web pages, I knew nothing of web building rules and copyright stuff... and how important it was. Most of the pics were given to me by friends who were helping me look for stuff and I never asked them where they got it. However I do know some of the and Clip Art Castle were good sources for the lil pics and gifs you see throught my pages. Any Unicorn pics you see on my pages are © by Sue Dawe. If anyone knows her site and knows the owners of any other pic or graphic on my site...please do let me know. I truly want these wonderful people recognized for making such things so websites can be made beautiful and exciting!

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Thank you everyone, for your support and feedback.