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Welcome to AfTeR FoReVeR!!!

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December 2005

This used to be the homepage for my old BBS, "AfTeR FoReVeR"... that incarnation of the BBS has long since vanished, however, I am getting ready to make public my latest labors in the world of BBSing...


==[[FLaSHBaCK-BBS!]]== is designed as a full blown, general use, "classic" style BBS with local member messaging, FidoNet International Conferences, filtered newsgroups, classic online BBS door games, a gigantic textfile library, huge software archives (BBS related and NOT!), a topic specific subsystem like "mini BBS'" on a variety of different items best described as BBS based web pages, and much, much more. This system will be operating on EleBBS/W32 via telnet.

==[[FLaSHBaCK-GS!]]== is designed as a classic BBS gameserver, devoted to the playing (and love of) BBS Door Games. To start out games will include L.O.R.D., L.O.R.D. ][, TradeWars GOLD!, Usurper, Exitilus, Planets T.E.O.S., Realms Of Kisom, and Solar Realms Elite. There will be extensive help files online for players and player discussion forums, something that almost every game server I see today lacks. It is hoped that not only will independant users find and use the game server, but that other SysOps who run BBS ssytems with outbound telnet capabilites will link to for their members to enjoy. If all goes well, I hope to have it being one of the more popular game servers out there with tone of competitors :) This system will be operating on ProBoard 2.17 via telnet.

Announcments will be made on this site when a final opening date is set... as for right now, the target is for March first 2006. Check back here for more details during February for opening announcement and connectivity information.

CLICK HERE For The NY Capital Region BBS List

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