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Colt Python .357 magnum
Colt Python .357 magnum

Colt Python - Elite model

Model 13060CS
Name  Python Elite
Material  Stainless Steel
Finish Brushed
Action Single/Double
Caliber  .357 Magnum
Capacity 6 Rounds
Barrel Length  6"
Hammer Target
Trigger  Serrated, Service
Front Sight Red Ramp
Rear Sight White Outline Adjustable (Acro)
Sight Radius 7-1/2"
Grips  Walnut
Weight 43-1/2 oz.
Overall Length 11 1/2"

Section view of Colt Pythonhere is it my favourite gun!!! The Python .357 Magnum remains a classic among double-action revolvers. World renowned for speed and accuracy, the Python is hand-honed for smooth action and shipped with an actual test target. What else do u want for a gun??? I think that's simply the best, a great accuracy, great entrusting and a great design. If u want a great gun this is the best you can get!!!

Here come two shots of my Python. Even if it's a soft air, its accuracy is unbelievable.

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