An Ordinary Morning

By Absinthe

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Warnings: Sexual content ahead.
I confess. I confess that her fangs turn me on. You know who I am, so I needn't begin at the beginning. My name is Xena, and I am immortal. I am a child of the God of War, and while my father and the rest of the Olympian Gods have long ago gone the way of the centaurs, I survive. My gods' blood gives me immortality, and my human blood grants me the endurance of the ineffable human race. My lover is Gabrielle; she has been with me from the beginning. We have seen Troy together, and voyaged across the sea with Ulysses. But you know all that. We have been dead, and perhaps you wonder why it is that we lay claim to immortality yet we have both died?

Death is a subjective thing when you've lived over three thousand years.
He was a beautiful young thing. He sat nervously on Gabrielle's red brocaded couch, toying with a silver ring on his right hand. The vampire that had brought him paced the floor as we awaited my love's appearance. I sat in the shadows, watching them silently, anonymous and unnoticed. Tahani had served us well in the past, and she had even allowed us a hand in raising this boy, Loren. As a younger child of Bacchus, Tahani had brought him to us in the hopes that Gabrielle would allow him to taste of her, much older and more powerful, blood.

Gabrielle remained, as she ever had been, a soft hearted creature. His chances were good, and Tahani would be all the more loyal for it. I knew she was coming before she arrived, but Tahani and Loren were startled. I smirked a little in the darkness. She was radiant from the kill, dressed in the beautiful, simple garb of the mortals we lived amongst. Gabrielle smiled and hugged Tahani before she slipped out of her top coat. I rose and took it from her hands, my fingers brushing hers in the process. Her smile turned a little sultry at the heat of my skin. Tahani looked taken aback, but said nothing.

"Welcome," Gabrielle said.

"Thank you, Mistress," she bowed her head in respect.

"You wish me to make him one of us?" my lover asked, playing the mystic for our friend. I laughed inwardly. This dance that she performed for them amused me, yet Gabrielle was one of the few truly mystical souls I have ever encountered.

"Is this what you want?" she asked Loren, though she knew that Tahani would not have brought him to her as formal supplicant if this were not the case. Once we would have balked at the thought of creating more vampires, but time had worn our convictions down, perhaps too much.

"Yes," he whispered. Gabrielle smiled widely enough for him to see her fang teeth.

"You understand what you will become? You understand that there is no escape?"


"And yet you still wish to become one of us? Why?"

"Because I love her, and I will not be parted from her."

"Tahani," Gabrielle said, a command in her voice. Tahani knelt suddenly before Gabrielle in thanks. She pulled her lover and adopted son onto the floor and kissed him passionately. Her black hair fell across his shirt as she pushed the collar aside and sank her teeth into his jugular. I felt my pulse quicken at the boy's heavy breathing and the working of his hands against her back. I could smell blood and arousal in the air. I moved to stand behind my lover like her shadow, pressing my breasts against her back and running my hands down her stomach. She leaned back against me and our lips found each other. We parted just as Tahani pulled away. Blood glistened on her teeth and lips as her drugged eyes found Gabrielle's.

"Go," I whispered. Nodding, Gabrielle knelt by the boy's prone form. She tore the white, skin of her wrist and pressed it to his lips, allowing the precious and powerful serum of her blood to pass into his body. It only took a moment for him to spasm awake and wrap his hands around her fragile looking arm and suck hard at the fluid that would make him immortal. She pulled her hand free when she knew that he had taken enough to survive and stepped away to allow Tahani to embrace him.

This was a rare event. It had been fifty years at least since Gabrielle had even considered creating another vampire. It was too risky for the most part, especially given the potency of Gabrielle's ancient blood, blood that had come from the Source, from Bacchus himself. Loren though, Loren was an exception. We helped raise him, we babysat him and bought him extravagant birthday gifts. He had, for the past twenty years leant a nostalgic feeling of mortality to our lives.

All good things must come to an end, I've heard it said, and as Tahani bundled the shuddering boy up to take him home to safely wait out the pangs of his mortal death, we watched the end of his innocence. Gabrielle found my hand, and once the pair were gone we turned the lights on in our living room. It had been a simple ceremony of re creation.

In the light I could see that she was hungry. I pulled her close to me; her skin was cold, and she felt light and fragile.

"I need to go," she protested.

"Not tonight, my love," I replied, letting my voice fill with promise and offering her a taste of my lips. She groaned, and followed me happily into our bedroom. I pushed her down onto the mattress and neatly popped the buttons off of her shirt. She arched her back obligingly, begging me silently for my touch. I smiled against her flesh as a nipped at the pure, alabaster skin that peeked over the top of her cute demi bra. We never tired of each other, and I hoped that we never would. Her fingers in my hair insisted that I look up from the business at hand. She had other aims tonight, and she wasn't going to let me go any farther. I nodded my understanding and we both sat up. Her breath was deep and delicious on my skin as she pulled my t-shirt over my head. When at last I was bare before those unearthly green eyes, Gabrielle whispered,

"Gods you are beautiful," and I knew that she meant it. Some nights it was as if we had never made love before.

"So are you," I replied, trying to take back the upper hand I roughly pushed her skirt up around her hips.

"Xena," she scolded. I desisted and sat back on my heels, watching the slow fire in her face flare up. She was as strong as I was then, but I didn't fight her as she positioned me where she wanted me and straddled my hips to attack with a long, passionate kiss. She slapped my questing hands away from her and pinned my arms down by my sides. I was already aroused from watching Loren's transformation, and she was being unneccessarily cruel.

I like being teased as much as the next woman, but this was too much. I growled at her wordlessly. She smirked at me, and continued her slow teasing. I felt myself arch up when her fingers at last grazed the slick opening of my cunt. Gabrielle slid back up my body, letting her fingertips slip the length of my vulva, then finally slam home at the same time that she sank her teeth into the hard muscle at the base of my neck. The rhythm of her hands never faltered as she fed, and our heartbeats became synchronized drumbeats pounding in both of our heads and there was nothing but she and I in all the world and this divine feeling of being drained and filled at the same time. The deep, erotic pull of her lips on my neck was usually enough to bring me to the brink of orgasm, and combined with her skillfull fingers, she made me come hard several times in quick succession. Each mounting spasm elicited a cry from both of us. She felt my joy and I felt hers. We were one.

"I love you," she whispered.

I barely heard her, I was floating in the air, cradled by something much softer than the mattress. She'd taken enough blood from me to kill a mortal, and now I was moderately delirious and even more euphoric. The state of dazed contentment that follows a normal orgasm has nothing on this feeling.
The smell of bacon was what woke me up; that and the sound of her voice. She was singing along with the radio while she cooked. I lolled in the covers, sore in all the right ways and more than happy to let her bring my breakfast to me.
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