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You know sometimes I wonder, what would God do if he saw me right now. The truth is, he sees us all the time. He knows what we a doing, saying, and even thinking. He knows what your problems are, how your trying to handle them, and is waiting for you to call on him and ask for his help. He loves us with all his heart; he loves us enough to let us choose whether we will go to heaven or hell. Which will you choose? He's coming back very soon! Will you be ready for him, or will you miss out? How sure are you that you are going to heaven. Just for a moment I would like to ask you to take a look in your heart. Look deep down inside. Do you really know him? Would you like to know him better? Would you like to get to know him? I hope you enjoy your stay, please sign my Guestbook, and once again God Bless you!

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