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Oscar Blue Eyes

Oscar was born on Mother's Day 2000. See the adorable photos
of him only three months old above. Isn't he cute?

More photos of Oscar as a kitten. He's so adorable!
Don't you just want to hug him?

Oscar is so playful! Don't you love it when cats play! They
are so fun to watch.

Cute Oscar as a kitten! His fur is so fluffy.

Oscar Blue Eyes ready to take off in his Barbie Beetle.

Oscar at only one year old. He has the most
adorable expressions! He loves to lean up against
the wall and take a nap.

Oscar on the sofa. Doesn't he look regal! He's a very social cat. So much
so, that he has to be fed at bedtime because he will just leave the food otherwise
and go downstairs to spend time with the dogs. He's not afraid of anything
or anyone. As soon as someone goes downstairs in the morning he insists on getting
out of the bedroom and going downstairs too! He doesn't want to miss any of
the action! He likes to sleep behind the bedroom bathroom door on the cool
vinyl floor after getting a good night kiss on the bed and having his dinner.
Downstairs he likes to nap behind the loveseat in the corner of the livingroom,
where the dogs can't get to him. He use to eat the dogs' lamb & rice food
until I bought lamb & rice formula cat food. Apparently that's his preferred
flavor. He didn't care for the chicken flavor cat food. He's very picky about
his cat treats, they must be crunchy. He prefers a little food off human dinner
plates instead! Salmon is his favorite. Also, he loves sitting in front of the
front or back door looking out at the world and listening to the outdoor sounds.
He loves playing with feathers. He likes to make a little buzzy sound when you
enter a room that he is in, his way of saying "Hi".

Oscar is a Himalayan cat from North Carolina. He's a blue point
which means his long hair is blue-grey & cream with brown on his
face, ears, tail and feet. All Himalayans have blue eyes. They
are a mix of a Persian and a Siamese. You can see the Siamese
coloring on the face and hair of the Persian.

More photos of Oscar. Click here

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