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I Believe In Angels

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Blue Belle

Many of us like to collect angels, so that we can surround ourselves with angels in our home. Above is Blue Belle the mohair angel bear. I have this angel in my home. The artist is Lisa Applebeary and she created this bear exclusively for Annette Funicello Bear Co. This is one in a long series of angel bears made by various artists. Lisa Applebeary is one of my favorite bear artists. I collect many of her bears!

The Series of Angel Bears

Here are more of the angel bears! It would be difficult to collect them all, since there are so many! I have the one in the velvet red dress on the far left. Her name is Natale. Natale means Christmas in Italian. She is the 11th angel in the popular angel series. She is the first official holiday angel. She is 11 inches tall. The aritist of this bear is Judy Antonelli. This bear is a limited edition of 20,000.

More Angel Bears

Pictured above are more of the bears in the angel series. As you can see this is a really long series of bears! Aren't they adorable! Each bear has an angel pin on the outfit. A portion of the proceeds of these angel bears goes to the Annette Funicello Fund For Neurological Disorders. So far I have 2 of the angel bears.


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