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Germany - Pennsylvania - Botetourt Co Va.
Thomas and Nancy were born in Germany abt 1763 and came to America abt 1790 first to Maryland, then Pennsylvania and last to Botetourt Co Va. Thomas Sisler/Sesler is listed in the Botetourt Va tax list of 1794, one male, 5 horses. They are last found in the 1810 census of Botetourt Co Va.

Known children of Thomas and Nancy Sessler:
JOHN B. SESSLER ; 1787 MD or Pa.
married MARY BIGLER; Jan 28, 1806, Botetourt Co Va. Mary the daughter of Mark Bigler & Catherine Lease, Frederick Co Va.: Mark Bigler was the son of Mark Bigler (b) 1705 in Palatine, Swiss German Rhine and Catherine Unk who came to America about 1733 at Philadelphia Pa. on the ship "Richard & Elizabeth". They are found in Bucks Co PA abt 1734; then to Botetourt Co Va.
children of John & Mary Sessler:
................i. Mark Bigler Sessler -Feb 16, 1809 (m) Mary Eakin, Oct. 3, 1831. {source: Henley marriage & obituary database: catalog card}
..............ii. Elizabeth Sessler- May 4, 1807
..............iii. Thomas B. Sessler- March 5, 1810
............. iv. Nancy Sessler - Jan. 27, 1812
...............v. Catherine Sessler - Aug 20, 1813 Mary Sessler - October 8, 1815
..............vii. Susan Sessler- Sept 23, 1819 (d) June 30, 1890, Montgomery Co Va (m) James J. Wallace, 2/2/1842.
..............viii. Sarah Sessler - March 30, 1820
...............ix. John Brown Sessler - Jan 17, 1824; Craigs Creek, Montgomery Co Va, (m) 1855, Montgomery co Va to MALINDA unknown (LDS notes)

NANCY SESSLER [d/o Thomas & Nancy] was born abt 1793- Botetourt Co VA (m) ISAAC HANES, Dec 30, 1805, Botetourt Co Va.

SAMUEL SESSLER - abt 1795, Botetourt Co Va - abt 1875, Montgomery Co Va. (my direct line) Samuel married DORCAS BRICKEY, on Jan 13, 1822 and they had 15 children; listed in the 1850 census of Montgomery Co Va.

JACOB SESSLER - abt 1797, Botetourt Co Va (m) DAMARIS MURPHY ; Oct 16, 1823

HENRY SESSLER - abt 1805



SAMUEL SESSLER - 1795 married DORCAS BRICKEY, Jan 13, 1822, Montgomery Co Va.
children {per 1850 census of Montgomery co Va}
JOHN W. SESSLER (b) 1823, Botetourt Co Va, (m) July 15, 1845, Montgomery Co Va, to MARGARET ANN SUBLETT (b) 1827, prob. Halifax Co Va; bondsman for Margaret was Mahala Sublett, guardian.
Matilda Mahala Sublett is living with John W, and Margaret Ann Sessler in the 1860 Montgomery Co Va census.
I still have not proven the exact relationship between Matilda Mahala Sublett and Margaret Ann Sublett, the age difference makes it impossible to be Mother-Daughter, so Matilda Mitchell Sublett may have been an Aunt or Sister-In-Law. We will just have to wait until we find more information to decide where Margaret Ann Sublett fits into the Sublett family. She is always near or with William and Matilda, so there is definetly a connection.

JACOB SESSLER was born Oct 4 1824, in Montgomery Co Va; He married MARY C. THOMPSON, on Dec 11, 1848, bondsman, William Thompson, Father.
In 1880, Jacob and Mary are living in Town District, Raleigh Co WV.
......................Jacob; age 55
......................Mary; age 49
......................E.E. H. Sessler; age 18
......................Jacob H. Sessler; age 14
.....................Mason B. Sessler; age 9
......................John I. Sessler; age 6
..............Samuel W. Sessler; age 27, farmer (son of Jacob & Mary)
..............Emily J. Sessler; age24, wife
...............Annie r. age 2
..............Yedekiah (Zedekiah?) Sessler ; age 23, single, servant, laborer, living in the household of Lafayette Meador in Shady Springs District.
Jacob & Mary had an older daughter, Parmelia Sessler; born 1850 in Montgomery co Va.

JAMES SESSLER was born on Feb 12 1826, in Montgomery Co VA and married SARAH J.F. BURKETT, Nov. 1, 1851; Nathaniel Burkett, father.
James died in a Yankey Prison during Civil War.

THOMAS SESSLER was born Aug 3 1827 in Montgomery Co Va and married MARY SILVERS, d/o Isaac Silvers.

ELIZABETH SESSLER was born on March 3 1829 in Montgomery Co Va.

Nancy was born Oct 18,1830 in Montgomey Co VA

ZEDEKIAH SESSLER was born Sept 23,1832 in Montgomery Co Va and married Marcell Craig and (2) Annie Amdiff. He died Sept 1 1893 in Nebraska.

MARK Hale SESSLER was born on March 13,1835 in Montgomery Co Va. He married Elizabeth Bennington and (2) Margaret Matilda Adams, he died April 2 1916, in Battle Creek, Nebraska.

MARY A. SESSLER was born June 29, 1837 in Montgomery Co Va.

MALVINA SESSLER was born Jan 16,1839 in Montgomery Co Va and died 1894, Battle Creek, Nebraska.

WILLIAM HENRY SESSLER was born Nov 12 1841 in Montgomery Co Va and died June 1 1906. He married Amanda Yearout, Jan 20 1870

PAULINA SESSLER was born June 3 1843 in Montgomery Co Va,

ANNETTE SESSLER was born Aug 19, 1845 in Montgomery Co.

SAMUEL SESSLER was born May 1847 in Montgomery Co Va and died Dec 27, 1913.

SARAH SESSLER was born Jan 12, 1850 in Montgomery co Va.


John W. Sessler and Margaret Sublett are listed in the 1850 Montgomery Co census; Family #204
John age 27
Margaret A. age 23
Elizabeth age 4
Mary A. age 1

1860 Montgomery Co Census Shaversville township
John W. Sessler age 37, famer Va
Mary A. age 34
Elizabeth G 14
Mary A F age 11
James A 9
Samuel D age 5
Pauline A. 2months
SUBLETT,Matilda E. age 53
SUBLETT, William R. laborer age 19
John W. Sessler is in Montgomery Co Va in the 1860 census and the Kanawha Co WV census for 1870. Margaret dies abt 1869 Kanawha Co WV. Their 2 yr. old son, JOHN F. SESSLER dies in 1865, Kan. Co WV. Still searching for John W. Sessler 1880.
(note: Jan 12, 2005: John W Sessler is in Montgomery Co Va 1880 with 2nd wife and child, just need to find my notes again so I can post my new info:)

Elizabeth G. Sessler (b) 1846 marries WILLIAM C. WILLIAMS in Kanawha Co WV, May 18, 1869 and is listed in the 1870 census of Kanawha Co WV;
William C William: age 26; Elizabeth; age 24, Tempest age 3 months; James SESLER age 17, brother to Elizabeth.
1880 Census of Kan. Co WV
William age 37; Elizabeth age 34, Louis age 16, William age 11, Tempest not listed (may have died), Julia A. age 8, John W. age 5, Mary L. age 3; Henry S. age one month.

JOHN W. SESSLER and MARGARET A. are listed in the Kanawha Co genweb page in the death records as the parents of John F. Sessler age 2, dies of bold hives, 1868. So we know they are both alive in 1868, however Margaret is not listed in the 1870 census. JOHN W. is listed in the 1870 census living in the house of JOHN & MARY NEWHOUSE age 48 , blacksmith.

Other children of John and Margaret are:
SAMUEL DAVID SESSLER- (B) 1858, living with sister Fanny Sessler Shivertaker in 1870 Kan. co WV census.
JAMES SESSLER (b) 1853, lives with sister Elizabeth Sessler Williams.
PAULINA ALICE SESSLER (b) 1860, Montgomery co Va, marries MATISON WILSON, May 27, 1877, Kanawha co WV, with James Shivertaker, informant. Listed in the Kan. Co 1880 census : Matison age 35, Alice age 20, William age 1.
We have a picture of a JOE WILSON that came from my Grandmothers picture album. We believe this Joe Wilson is a child or grandchild of Alice Sessler and Matison Wilson. IF any Wilson descendant knows of this JOE WILSON please email me and we will gladly send you this picture.

This is the information I found at the Charleston Archives, Kanawha Co WV:
1860 Montgomery Co Va census
House #331, visit # 316
John W. Sessler: age 37
Mary A. ;age 34
Elizabeth G. age 14
Mary A. F.: age 11; {my gr gr grandmother "Fanny"}
James A. : age 9
Samuel David; age 5
Paulina Alice; age 2 months
Matilda Sublett; age 53
William R.Sublett; age 19

In 1850 Montgomery Co census; Matilda Mahala Sublett is 37; and has twin sons, John and William R. Sublett and is living beside, John W. and Margaret Ann Sessler.

I am in the process of putting together information that proves that Matilda Sublett was Matilda Mitchell and the mother of my Margaret Ann Sublett. Margaret Ann was 7yrs old when Matilda Mitchell married William Sublette. Margaret is referred to as Ann Mitchell daughter of my wife Matilda before our marriage by William Sublett in his will (Will Bk 7, pg 185, Montgomery Co VA) It looks like Margaret Ann took the Sublette name and was listed as Margaret Ann Sublette when she married John W Sessler. Matilda's maiden name was Mitchell according to an "online" source that I am still checking out for proof: This online source lists Matilda Mitchell daughter of Archelaus and Spivy Mitchell married William Sublet Nov 18 1834: If this all proves to be true, then Matilda Mitchell had my Margaret Ann out of wedlock and then marries Mr Sublette later. Matilda Mitchell Sublette is living beside Margaret and John Sessler in 1850. Matilda Mitchell Sublett is living in the household of John & Mary Ann Sessler in Montgomery Co VA 1860 census. She is old enough to be Margarets mother. Land deed BK "U" pag 345 (1877) William R Sublette deeds land to Edward Sublette; land is located beside where John Sessler is living. John Sessler was in Kanawha Co WV in 1870, but in 1880 census he is back in Montgomery Co Va with his 2nd wife and child; this must be the land he is living on in 1877. More to come later.


FANNY SESSLER (b) 1850, Montgomery Co Va, marries JAMES R. SHIVERTAKER abt 1869, Kanawha Co WV, listed in 1870 Kan. census, with younger brother David Sesler age 12,
James and Fanny [Sessler] Shivertaker are my gr gr grandparents.
The family of James Shivertaker and Fanny Sessler are listed on the SHIVERTAKER-ESCUE page, click on link at bottom of this page.


Matthew Loftis (b) abt 1810, North Carolina
(d) Before 1860; (m) Parmelia A. {Millie} MOORE, December 21, 1830
Parmelia Moore; (b) abt 1815, Campbell Co Va; (d) aft 1860, place unknown; {parents} Matthew Moore and Nancy Butler.

(1) Margaret J. Loftis; (b) unknown, Henderson Co NC; (d) aft 1920, Kanawha Co WV; (m) John Quincy WOOD, ; (2) William B. RACER
(2) George B. Loftis; (b) 1832, Campbell co VA; (d) Bef 1900, Kanawha Co WV; (m) Martha SHULTZ, Feb 16, 1860, Kanawha Co WV.
(3) Elizabeth Loftis; (b) 1833, Campbell Co Va.
(4) Catherine Loftis (b) 1841, Henderson Co NC, (d) Nov. 5, 1918, Putnam Co WV, (putnam co wv death records, vol. 2) (m) Fleming ESCUE , abt 1860, Kanawha Co WV. {My maternal gr gr grandparents}
(5) Vienna Loftis; (b) 1842, Henderson NC; (d) unknown date, Lincoln Co WV; (m) Allen H. PAULEY, October 13, 1864.
(6) Sarah M. Loftis; (b)1843, Henderson Co NC; (d) 1883, Lincoln Co WV; (m) John A. PAULEY, Aug. 21, 1864, Kanawha Co WV.
(7) Thomas Jefferson Loftis; (b) 1850, Henderson Co NC, (d) Bef. 1900, Kanawha Co WV; (m) unknown date, Kanawha Co WV- Louvila Jane PAULEY.
(8) Louise Adaline Loftis; (b) Jan 18, 1853, Henderson Co NC, (d) 1932, Fayette Co WV, (m) Garland Vincent KERSEY, unknown date.

Matthew MOORE, (m) Nancy Butler, April 13, 1812, Fluvanna Co VA, (d) 1848, Cabell Co VA/WV.
(1) Susan Moore
(2) Pamelia A. "Millie" Moore , (b) 1815, (d) aft 1860, (m) Dec 21, 1830 to Matthew LOFTIS.
(3) Elizabeth Moore (b) 1818, (m) Preston ESCUE. {Preston is a brother to Fleming Escue}
(4) Grandison Moore, (b) 1820, (d) unknown, (m) Sarah Frances ROBINSON, (2) Caroline MOORE and (3rd) Elizabeth MOORE . {last 2 wives were cousins!}
(5) William K. Moore, (b) 1822, (m) Sarah MOORE [cousin].
(6) Sarah W. Moore , (b) 1828
(7) Matthew L. Moore, (b) 1830, (d) unknown, (m) Margaret BALLARD , Oct. 13, 1852, Kanawha Co WV.
(8) Samuel B. Moore , (b) 1833, Campbell Co Va, (d) unknown, (m) Elizabeth CAMPBELL , Dec 28, 1862, Kanawha Co WV.
(9) Rhoda Moore . (b) 1835, Va, (m) Aft 1851, Nicholas H. OGBURN
(10) Isaiah (Joseph) Moore , (b) 1837


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