Gen-chan's retuurrrrn!!!! This weekend will be one to remember. Animazement 1999, my first Animazement, and most definetely not my last. What can I say? Raleigh was as great as I remember it from seven years ago, the weather during the weekend was great. Even the Sunday thunderstorm couldn't really bring me down.

I had a very great time at Animazement, I would have to say that it did outdo all the fun I had at Katsucon. I got to make it my first solo con trip from start to end, I had my own room, and I was completely free. I got there really early on Friday and took care of all my stuff. And I would have to say that my trip was a success, since I got to meet Yuu Watase! I even showed her my tattoo of "Yoku," Tasuki's seishi symbol. I think I impressed her with it! ^_^;

I was able to meet up with my friend Brittnay at the con. We hung out a lot afterwards. We both made it into the final round of the Anime Trivia contest, and we both walked away winners. *I* was first place, of course... ahem. Well anyhow, lemme just get my brief messages to my peoples outta the way, and then you can see my pictures from the con.

Well well well, who must I mention first and foremost? My two favorite mikos, of course. Amy and Carolina, you know that you guys were the reason I came down in the first place! But really, you guys were the first costumers I saw at Animazement, just like you were at Katsucon! I really enjoyed seeing you two again, I love all of your costumes, and you'll always be my favorite mikos. Come to Otakon or something, so I can see you guys again! ;P

Dammit Psy, I thought that we were going to meet! Hell, maybe we did see each other, but I don't know what the hell you look like! Oh well, if you were at the cosplay then you probably did see me, making an ass outta myself.

Paul, Paul, Paul. You've got one of the best Carrot costumes I've seen. Not just a quick wife-beater and pants Carrot, but a REAL, 100% Carrot Glaces! I give you much credit for it! Now about that cabbit-groin-biting thing.... Those pictures ARE up here! Don't show your kids folks, it ain't for the weak at heart!(or mind)

Kate-chan and Chris, thanks for letting me cosplay with you guys! It was real great to meet you both, and I'm thankful that it happened. Hope to see you guys again at another con. ^_^ I am NOT a DRUNK!
You must have me mistaken for....
Dave Underwear, I mean UnderWOOD! Hey, GOD! I hope you didn't mind me using you as the butt of the cosplay skit! I really enjoyed talking with you a few times, your godly voice is just so... soo.... inTOXICATING. Remember, I'm the anime trivia genius, so even you as GOD can't beat me in that situation! Ha ha! I hope to talk with you again someday GOD!

Scott Simpson, wow, I got to meet and talk with one of the few english voice actors that I appreciated! Honestly, Oh! My Goddess is probably one of the only series I can enjoy dubbed. I was surprised when I found myself sitting next to you at that opening cermony! I was wondering why your voice sounded so familiar! Well, I hope to see you again at another con, Shinesman BLLLUUUEE!

Well, there we have it. Now, onto the pictures in which you so much desire. ;P

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