Anime Expo's turn for remodeling!

Well now, since my data for my original Anime Expo page was pretty much outdated, I thought that it was time to make a more improved version of the page. In other words, a page with no personal information that CAN be made outdated. If you still want to see my old version, click Here

On this page, I'll just mainly be showing off the costume pics that I took while I was there. If I recall correctly, I used up about two and a half rolls of film.

Brief shouts out:

The entire Kunous Island crew from 1998. I can't thank you guys enough for the great times that we all shared that weekend. I will never forget that time, for it made it the best summer of my life. Thanks again.

Dean, hell, I know I already said Kunous Island, but, you let me stay with you maaaan! Thanks SO much for letting me crash at your place on Friday night, I really really appreciate it. Hopefully, we'll do some more stuff if I can make it to AX next year!

Well, there we have it. Now, onto the pictures in which you so much desire. ;P

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