Written on October 17th, 1999

"Anime USA... what con?"

That was the most common thought running through my head Saturday morning as I stepped out of my car, and into the Holiday Inn. Anime USA was a con that was scheduled, cancelled, relocated, and un-cancelled, all in a span of weeks. The headline event was the Pokémon tournament. Let's face it, it sounded like a pretty pitiful attempt at an Anime convention.

Anime USA? What con?


After my one entire day of being at the hotel, ironically enough, I do see a speck(yes, a speck) of potential. Sure, they're no Animazement or NekoCon, but for a convention with SO MUCH controversy, they did pull in below-average, almost decent attendance numbers. I predict, with more skilled planning, NO CANCELLATIONS AND UNCANCELLATIONS, and a larger hotel, this con can get off the ground. I can't say that this con impressed me, but I did enjoy the time I did spend there. To those who read my AOL message posts, yes, I am giving a little hint of hypocracy here. Bite me. ^_^

Ironic as it may be, Anime USA (What Con?) was a site for many firsts for me. For one thing, I won my first video gaming tournament, winning the Street Fighter Alpha 3 tournament. I won a $25 gift certificate for Anime Pavillion. Sure, the guys I played against wasn't Jimmy who kicked my ass back at Animazement and Otakon, but a tournament is still a tournament.

And another first: I won my first cosplay award. Again, sure there were as many cosplayers as we have fingers and toes... but it was still a pleasant feeling. "Best Presentation" is what myself and Kat received. To think that I was five minutes away from leaving for the night when I was suckered into getting into costume again by some sweet talking girls, and ended up performing, and winning in the cosplay. Here's another kicker: Kat and I were also included in the judges' award for "Best Shock Value." Can you see the irony in that?

Well now... throughout the day, here's some of the things I noted that made the place feel, and NOT feel like a normal east coast con:

Things That Felt Like A Con
Things That Didn't Feel Like A Con
Seeing familiar faces, like Tikki and Derek
Not seeing Kevin Lillard
Saw Steve Bennett doing his usual womanizing
Not having an ORGY room
Seeing SM Cds being sold despite warnings
Did not stay at the hotel
Seeing Derek Rich up on stage at cosplay, screaming "Ka-me-ha-me-haaaa"
Parking was free, despite being in Alexandria, Virginia
ACTUALLY DID dealers' work

Surprisingly, I did meet a lot of familiar people... and they did make my Saturday a lot more pleasant, so now I must give my words to those individuals. ^_^

Kat - I couldn't have enjoyed the day without you, you know? Man, winning that award was completely wild, and unexpected! If I waited five more minutes, I would've left the hotel, and none of this insane ironic cool stuff would've happened! Since not many people know of the skit we did, we can use it again at another con! ^_-

Roxane, Kevin - I didn't expect to see you guys after AWA, it was a pleasant surprise to run into the two of you again! It was to chat, it took a little time away from the long dealers' day. I hope to see you guys soon again!

Tikki - nice to finally actually say "hi" in person. :) Sorry for the last minute entries, my story's up higher on this page! It was nice chatting with you on Sunday. Look forward to meeting again at Neko. Love the Hsien-ko costume, and thanks to you and the other judges for choosing us. ^_^

Derek - Man, we are pretty much at EVERY con together? Even THIS con, we meet again. It's scary, but true. The cosplay was great, we're the "Most Shock Value" group, I guess!

The Girl Who Took My Costume - I didn't even get your name! E-mail me sometime! It was fun meeting you, though, I was kinda surprised to actually be glomped on! ^_^; And it was a real shocker seeing someone else in my costume...

Well now, here we go. I took about 15 shots or so on my digital camera, and I may have a couple scans here.

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