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Some of the best links I have found

These links i have found over the years that are to great websites that add new info all the time

Ghost Investigation Society

This organization is also located in Ogden Utah and has been featured on such shows as Art Bell & Jeff Rense. And in my opinion are on of the best investigation organizations around. They have been very fortunate in there findings, there site is a must see!

Utah Ghost Organization

Salt Lake City's most active group. Headed by Troy Wood

ParanormalPhotos.comWell known author and paranormal photographer Rev. Dr. Theresa Jodray, located in Ogden Utah, but covers Arizona & Alaska.

spirit-society for paranormal investigation research and informational training this page is no longer updated it has many good links to paranormal sites

Haunted Places A great site with plenty to check out, look up haunted places in your area. Or find out about lectures and upcoming T.V. programs. They also have a new and used Ghost Hunting Equipment section.

Release Me This site contains a Message Board, a chat room, information on ghosts or spirits. Release Me gives the locations to many hauntings in the U.S.

Utah Ghost Hunters Society This is one of the first ghost hunting organizations in Utah, and although there site hasn't been updated in some time there is still plenty to see.

The Salt Lake City Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society This is another one of the first ghost hunting organizations in Utah and they are still very active.

Utah Paranormal Research Group Founded in 1999 the group was brought together to find out what are the facts behind the paranormal events..

The Washington State Ghost Society Bings together a diverse group of individuals with varying approaches to the study of paranormal activity. The group's approach includes a mix of skepticism, scientific inquiry, in addition to that of the psychic perspective..

A.G.H.O.S.T. ( Amateur Ghost Hunters Of Seattle, Tacoma ) Started on October 31st 2001, AGHOST is a non-profit organization, looking to prove there IS life after death.

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